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Phish 12/02/03
FleetCenter, Boston, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK5 (card, DIN) / M222 > Elvo NT222 > V3 > DDA-5 patchbay > D8; Taped by Jason Lonchar; Transferred by Joel Freimar 
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December 2, 2003
Boston, MA

Source: Schoeps MK5 (card, DIN) / M222> Elvo NT222> V3> DDA-5 patchbay> D8
Taper: Jason Lonchar
Patcher: Joel Freimark ([email protected])

Converted & Seeded By:
Patcher: Joel Freimark ([email protected])



Disc 1:
Set 1:
1. Harry Hood->
2. Cavern
3. Birds Of A Feather
4. Yamar
5. Horn->
6. Piper->
7. Anything But Me
8. Water In The Sky
9. Down With Disease

Disc 2:
1. 20th Anniversary Video Part 1*
2. 20th Anniversary Video Part 2*

Set 2:
3. Rock And Roll->
4. Weekapaug Groove->
5. Tweezer Reprise
6. Frankenstein->
7. Kung->
8. Frankenstein

Disc 3:
Set 2 Cont:
1. All Of These Dreams
2. The Wedge
3. Boogie On Reggae Woman->
4. Cities->
5. Maze**->
6. Waste

7. Bug

-the levels were raised at the end of Hood to try and balance out the poor venue sound

*-after DWD, a video screen was lowered behind the band...a video montage from ~1988-present was shown.
Some time through the video, many people in the tapers section, incuding myself, began to think that the band
might just come out at the end of the video and decided it best to change the tapes mid-video. Thus, there is
a small gap in the video audio where I was changing tapes...sorry :)

**-w/ "Esther" tease
Show Checksums
3b2eae77d847ea1e11eafe65d3829d3b *ph2003-12-02disc1t01.shn
dda46e16c7a7559916237f1f9a314625 *ph2003-12-02disc1t02.shn
38ed660438c69e472a7f0f9220717142 *ph2003-12-02disc1t03.shn
f934d51b109bc81af7aedd0a6773d63e *ph2003-12-02disc1t04.shn
aeb99f58b602b1c78c49c49933dc40fb *ph2003-12-02disc1t05.shn
a8c8ed1cb1c58870b1c6b63919b0810a *ph2003-12-02disc1t06.shn
4322eb4c4070fe7c96e9634b8041c6a3 *ph2003-12-02disc1t07.shn
4e132593f33fbb3937ed866a9bd1275b *ph2003-12-02disc1t08.shn
9e912a40c4ee6b63d80267ca9c8d8b79 *ph2003-12-02disc1t09.shn
f2dce51580c92ce3d6adb3774ba34777 *ph2003-12-02disc2t01.shn
5704ccae2bcc311d3ecce8fa7b12a574 *ph2003-12-02disc2t02.shn
5c087a9be724cdd7f1d8a95b2699b289 *ph2003-12-02disc2t03.shn
3ad56e07b22c3b908c3b0f4464dc7d28 *ph2003-12-02disc2t04.shn
70fba3c6f17438d18da790b84cdce087 *ph2003-12-02disc2t05.shn
fb860f46e6e2255ec8aa0d546834f63c *ph2003-12-02disc2t06.shn
94c2ecc9987d299f076294222104db5d *ph2003-12-02disc2t07.shn
b8ac7b0eaa1a256792fe9df252d60f00 *ph2003-12-02disc2t08.shn
2956f03f2491db8dae03fbfbdb77bb20 *ph2003-12-02disc3t01.shn
9e44d15851815f076b35ef006baf0cf1 *ph2003-12-02disc3t02.shn
91ecac140f94b334549208d0dea9efdf *ph2003-12-02disc3t03.shn
a75bdc1321ec069eb27c4fa52a89f78a *ph2003-12-02disc3t04.shn
e8738ef78cd6e668cf2bc5c2d4ab2821 *ph2003-12-02disc3t05.shn
2e0c65ed1bbefbf20c62429fd65a157c *ph2003-12-02disc3t06.shn
c75376c0ad8a61f0fb75ed9573a1fb52 *ph2003-12-02disc3t07.shn
0147c4ffdc19434a1fae1b47cc5cd2ab [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t01.shn
2dec34bad95e5c3d2951be53cd8e156b [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t02.shn
8f39cbffc6ed09bd5652539aa117b562 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t03.shn
a1d188bbeadde8c724700c1c15216d13 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t04.shn
aecf59a7593c18a56f8fa7312c811ac0 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t05.shn
fe1ce6706ce24713c4669b258fa057ee [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t06.shn
79e48ac1aad4fe7fdc7a9efcea4ebee0 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t07.shn
77c6b68840e0561ff6de3fcb2ed22d54 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t08.shn
aa63fdcc3da3d5abef34fd4a6cc2762b [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc1t09.shn
bb604a181ed785ee5b9c5472fff35796 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t01.shn
9dccc2c1171120f69ea3973f831ffdfb [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t02.shn
af5b5cd94d2434b9b69dcc9a0cdfce69 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t03.shn
8c7ace7672f350d810f67c2ae69a59d6 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t04.shn
980331cf9a5830996fe1fb986f4998b7 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t05.shn
ce8c750212a96ff01e75e0d577fda071 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t06.shn
58e6d38f61fbf3b17bdda4f0594f6741 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t07.shn
698e8d9dd27604f2618b7a603268301f [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc2t08.shn
622129d357100ca7507f08f57b0dc65c [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t01.shn
fe5838065e11a50cecdfc6aed6862ddf [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t02.shn
576551292edf6fba7e1332e9c5205ed3 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t03.shn
bbabb01a0cd565e31befa3a4a40ceba7 [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t04.shn
367ce367c011ffc21f407436b761903e [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t05.shn
ba554beab40fc8802088c8288dc6a05e [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t06.shn
c0e00c470e7a656c3591fe29d6daa37c [shntool] ph2003-12-02disc3t07.shn

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