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Drive-By Truckers 11/10/06
Down on the Farm, Quincy, FL
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary SP LSD2 > wMod UA5 > JB3 (Alex Leary) 
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Drive-By Truckers
Down on the Farm
Quincy, FL
10 November 2006

Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (blumlein) > Hydra silver XLR > Edirol UA5 (Oade warm) > JB3
Location: directly FOB
Transfer: JB3 (usb) > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded and transferred by Alex Leary

Disc One

01. Ronnie and Neil
02. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
03. Decoration Day
04. Hell No I Ain't Happy
05. Marry Me
06. Feb 14th
07. Never Gonna Change
08. Goodbye
09. Gravity's Gone
10. Sink Hole
11. Dress Blues
12. Puttin' People on the Moon
13. Shut Up And Get On The Plane
14. Your Daddy Hates Me

Disc Two

01. Moonlight Mile
02. Lookout Mountain
03. encore call / "Cooley, let go of your dick ... "
04. Zip City
05. Outfit
06. Let There Be Rock (w/happy birthday ending)
07. Ain't Talking 'Bout Love


- Mix a little rough for first half hour or so, including PA pops, especially on track 4.

- Headlined first day of three day festival

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dbt2006-11-10d1t01.flac: 7129dc5377c9854b4108e92dc4754018
dbt2006-11-10d1t02.flac: cbe112e64148e11d9b4eefc2d7fa8b5e
dbt2006-11-10d1t03.flac: 7e2a1d5ab417cdddca21ee6bcec9a5c4
dbt2006-11-10d1t04.flac: deb421a7df4da64e92275a014b58dbb9
dbt2006-11-10d1t05.flac: 40c2837c0fd7c6fe45c1b6415a4d3a65
dbt2006-11-10d1t06.flac: 050f767a91f0ec52894d5de0917c94e5
dbt2006-11-10d1t07.flac: ac8a5d9f1a71dec2a8ee3d7edf0c8bb0
dbt2006-11-10d1t08.flac: 5ee6cdbe0cdce78c8c61b6ad84d3ed04
dbt2006-11-10d1t09.flac: 3a6ad09c55216f9ef4303eb9aa1be4d2
dbt2006-11-10d1t10.flac: 34f853c921dad57a7ba49b21e202622a
dbt2006-11-10d1t11.flac: 46698bf83f3dfc0a099b521139aa7548
dbt2006-11-10d1t12.flac: e931756a7a73d0d6c7a4c84a002e2e45
dbt2006-11-10d1t13.flac: a796a1f1942bfffe5856ca95049104d1
dbt2006-11-10d1t14.flac: 9aa6ab323a8b541cef85592ae60a4e4c
dbt2006-11-10d2t01.flac: 1bf91771542fc4cae13cc1f494210cfd
dbt2006-11-10d2t02.flac: 04dc73019392c3c8696048f93bcf46c9
dbt2006-11-10d2t03.flac: 96241c8ae3a590b82d5a1f3cfff581a8
dbt2006-11-10d2t04.flac: e669e33b27b501a396e4d7606504caf3
dbt2006-11-10d2t05.flac: 4430bc2240de95e0cea96164e7b61fa8
dbt2006-11-10d2t06.flac: b223ed877b0b34b59bca1a522f383418
dbt2006-11-10d2t07.flac: a4bc50990cbeb5062f9454fe49701ec6

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