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Grateful Dead 10/10/94
USAir Arena, Landover, MD
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4; AUD> DAT> CDR; via Paul B., Tim Wiley 
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Grateful Dead
US Air Arena
Landover, MD

Source:Schoeps MK4,AUD>DAT>CDR>EAC>Cool Edit>SHN

Set 1
CD 1
1. Iko Iko,
2. Walkin' Blues
3. Althea
4. Desolation Row*
5. Loose Lucy
6. Eternity

Set 2
CD 2
1. Help On The Way>
2. Slipnot!>
3. Franklin's Tower>
4. Estimated Prophet>
5. Terrapin Station>
6. Drumz>

Set 2 cont.
CD 3
1. Jam>
2. All Along The Watch Tower>
3. Stella Blue>
4. Not Fade Away
5. Encore: I Fought The Law

* Weir on acoustic

Known Flaws: D1t1 static and drops @ :20 , :30 , and :50

Edit and shn conversion by Tim Wiley 2/27/02   [email protected]

EAC: in sercure mode to extract all tracks at 100% quality.
Cool Edit: Removed D/O's on D1t1 @ :15 , :28 ,:40 ,and 1:03

shn via mkwact.

Comments: Other than someone screaming "woo" thoughout
          the concert. It is still listenable

Thanks to Paul B. for the cds.
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1c0003c6e2d13891530ed12bfffc5655 *gd94-10-10d1t1.shn
554d715b9c065caeff01bd61d888909c *gd94-10-10d1t2.shn
a430c08f3773662db223a80c3e664a41 *gd94-10-10d1t3.shn
995e86e8706b5acbcb1340f6717ab897 *gd94-10-10d1t4.shn
f2e73d4d2c04d2f44bae1b187e958025 *gd94-10-10d1t5.shn
13713fa0bd5e5ca9aadb183ca2310b62 *gd94-10-10d1t6.shn
ee7f47ec22b3649039da167ddef04b9f *gd94-10-10d2t1.shn
c90f704888128f82befa62a4e2282529 *gd94-10-10d2t2.shn
786bed60d30b4f09c2f7d3ca18b626da *gd94-10-10d2t3.shn
a829d4514f7ceff439de0499b1a1d496 *gd94-10-10d2t4.shn
8419ecb9946b48fe3b7b1ab5496ffcce *gd94-10-10d2t5.shn
0c1e8bf019b76acff71441fcd81410fb *gd94-10-10d2t6.shn
54e7f74b96df0fb935c194ab875ad3f9 *gd94-10-10d3t1.shn
35521f67ac5fb7ee429fb697f407e6cc *gd94-10-10d3t2.shn
2563ead7a09a70af1b22d736ece331a6 *gd94-10-10d3t3.shn
9f62dc0b0b33523e98891fb84bd7ba47 *gd94-10-10d3t4.shn
77bc3e8d7f36e1c2bec04862493c745d *gd94-10-10d3t5.shn
363eea2a2c24586c828289eeed598e74 [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t1.shn
b59b6614e632e81984191f0528e7242c [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t2.shn
26bb1cf3ee402d0388335fc305649a9a [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t3.shn
9218f5021cd4657deeaee141c8222b43 [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t4.shn
31675f95ae96bd5e8713ca57b2a84689 [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t5.shn
49e25cbe99d6a995ca376465676092ff [shntool] gd94-10-10d1t6.shn
f1a3cfb51e99ff934efb0315ac044cef [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t1.shn
82707340653a3f13cd8dcb8fcf5f47be [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t2.shn
b18ea0623a43f6bf7247f0050032ff11 [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t3.shn
6ecf144af590c3d582b764240819b00f [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t4.shn
f74355f9dcb72ac2c359f30ba5f81586 [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t5.shn
7beec3c8be29242b23a2e20722fa81ab [shntool] gd94-10-10d2t6.shn
7d8fdaab578d9748e8d629ff1a525101 [shntool] gd94-10-10d3t1.shn
0be3d87297e9d99874ce5f16a283c1e0 [shntool] gd94-10-10d3t2.shn
c38f9bbd97b70a589424ac7bb5f696b6 [shntool] gd94-10-10d3t3.shn
286b7b9cc2ad9110de8601e7b570870e [shntool] gd94-10-10d3t4.shn
d97609f27565087258425e9c70ba4e35 [shntool] gd94-10-10d3t5.shn

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