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Phish 10/07/95
Opera House, Spokane, WA
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Source # 8152 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann km140; DA-20 > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Brandon Johnston 
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Spokane Opera House
Spokane, WA

Source: Neumann KM140 (No other source info given)
Transfer: DA-20->Delta Dio 2496->Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1 resampling on highest accuracy setting w/anti alias filter)->CDWAV->SHN
Transfer by: Brandon Johnston ([email protected])

Set 1:
3.Fog That Surrounds
6.The Mango Song
7.Acoustic Army
9.Run Like an Antelope

DISC 2 (80 minute disc)
Set 2:
1.Makisupa Policeman
2.Cars Trucks Buses
3.Split Open and Melt
4.Strange Design
5.It's Ice
8.Harry Hood
9.Sweet Adeline
10.crowd noise
11.E: Fire

Notes: I applied fades in and out of each set using soundforge 4.5. I also normalized the show to 98%.  Some of the
crowd noise between the 2nd set and Encore was cut on my DAT.
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c6cfb77dac8694ab61db49247dfc6663 *ph95-10-07s1t09.shn
5dae85dbdd02085657bdc72396d85ac6 *ph95-10-07s1t02.shn
f898bb5296fa603eeecc0de7ab82c616 *ph95-10-07s1t03.shn
48243b81b6209d147ffd33d86d89b5fd *ph95-10-07s1t04.shn
79ea1e0d36aaaf9b5db995b56c2a0e71 *ph95-10-07s1t05.shn
70fcc9884250be2edd0afc864b0a2c0c *ph95-10-07s1t06.shn
270491457e3042266a02c09482f61da9 *ph95-10-07s1t07.shn
b8c7f476fd4bf3efa0969ee5cf0045e9 *ph95-10-07s1t08.shn
ce116a0faff50201faeb43ffd43877fa *ph95-10-07s1t01.shn
58d7daa73526b789a0e2c258079a860e *ph95-10-07s2t11.shn
78c418b5ca4be34c70fb6adf5a53d24d *ph95-10-07s2t02.shn
2620311f2e257176c234c0d44877faf8 *ph95-10-07s2t03.shn
011b4f5148823822b6aa75cd6d79cffc *ph95-10-07s2t04.shn
edc241452362303ff492adebad669c9b *ph95-10-07s2t05.shn
a4a589669bce4b40e6da820ae56d7524 *ph95-10-07s2t06.shn
ea68422a8de4426a561a3e736692e67c *ph95-10-07s2t07.shn
da58f46a77c1ec98ab54b4c40cf7f8a8 *ph95-10-07s2t08.shn
faf52c95033778b2c6ec50f6f77903e8 *ph95-10-07s2t09.shn
d66827a9a44f056968ad3fe359d7ac3c *ph95-10-07s2t10.shn
2dfd9c075b90baf38eb4022671dc1429 *ph95-10-07s2t01.shn

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Date User Comment
07/02/2003 This and the other Neumann source (shnid=8226) have identical md5s
01/29/2009 Read Like the poster on the other copy of this said, this is a duplicate entry of

Just was adding the SHN link to my list and ran into two of the same thing. If deleted will folks SHN detail links just be dead? Or can they be redirected?
01/30/2009 duggy I asked about this source duplication yesterday, and the 8226 entry has been deleted or merged into this one by the admin team. So, the confusion is now cleared up...
08/05/2012 geewiz010 FLAC fingerprints:

20ddce2a98fb37c1319bd92d820cbf26 *ph1995-10-07s1t01.flac
c715136b687fecb6665a9eadd62cc4e2 *ph1995-10-07s1t02.flac
d061da99123cdb35750560effc9fae2d *ph1995-10-07s1t03.flac
b1d8ffd41e3350d930a7786daa79eec1 *ph1995-10-07s1t04.flac
101350575d6825147b1c4f380c972d89 *ph1995-10-07s1t05.flac
6267b133181d4884b49e6354f2a2266a *ph1995-10-07s1t06.flac
866d3299376a1d8ae153b133d1843d6a *ph1995-10-07s1t07.flac
d1caeff7302473ef133624cb044b6f08 *ph1995-10-07s1t08.flac
9887c734e13f8a184639f6899c41cb56 *ph1995-10-07s1t09.flac
9d9f9932cc464650bf5ae23094f533f0 *ph1995-10-07s2t01.flac
3be0a9441694032a6b881776efd2af7d *ph1995-10-07s2t02.flac
9521ce14158069326e490c0bff3dced8 *ph1995-10-07s2t03.flac
4a7003aa8065242b428f7cf5cb3938fe *ph1995-10-07s2t04.flac
4aeb2b44797a206987e2e8c4b3e8ce8c *ph1995-10-07s2t05.flac
fed23470392aed1913a99ec65460c27c *ph1995-10-07s2t06.flac
3fd830decbaca91951c11217505b4609 *ph1995-10-07s2t07.flac
8fae515b30900228c332505f6c1141ac *ph1995-10-07s2t08.flac
565a90a08fc98e0e9d16548930dbca8e *ph1995-10-07s2t09.flac
541ee711e7e07b6edcedf45b2fc783d1 *ph1995-10-07s2t10.flac
15b03792022a08b39fd01029fd79ba2f *ph1995-10-07s2t11.flac