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Phish 11/02/96
Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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11-02-96 Coral Sky Ampitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL

1: Ya Mar, Julius, Fee, Taste, Cavern, Stash, Lizards, Free, Johnny B. Goode

2: Crosseyed and Painless-> Run Like an Antelope, Waste, Harry Hood, A Day
in the Life, Sweet Adeline

E: Funky Bitch*

Karl Perazzo (percussionist from Santana) played the entire show.
*With Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers) on drums and Fish on Trey's mini-kit.
Show Checksums
47f2f10a61966c8e97fbf9e2a4001332 *d1_09-Johnny B. Goode.shn
4d418170d781a046336476969b58f61e *d1_01-Ya Mar.shn
f3c1d1f1afcad6f6bf47a71db2b6d504 *d1_02-Julius.shn
9fb394c22ca4d1f864bf5fd497a5aadf *d1_03-Fee.shn
b16bdbb57f18b7ed551f57afea3c08ad *d1_04-Taste.shn
fa3cffee680eb9baf8cbec51604019be *d1_05-Cavern.shn
9588588977321625e8003ac734c443bb *d1_06-Stash.shn
27ecd36c401f487b6915a9e9f92d6d94 *d1_07-Lizards.shn
0c59688fad1ed43a879479d5103d1835 *d1_08-Free.shn

01609f55b81f30184da70253e35e641d *d2_04-Waste.shn
a979d8d3b6f73829f5e054fd289a9909 *d2_02-Cross Eyed and Painless.shn
874084b29fc87e1bfb42ee41fecce991 *d2_03-Run Like An Antelope.shn
92e2d73de810ac6277d5fc26ddee7991 *d2_01-crowd.shn
1ccde99aee94e21b7fc4023c92999aa7 *d2_05-Harry Hood.shn
b27a09c8c153153841d2bd7c0e39f84e *d2_06-A Day In The Life.shn
0bed9e386a36cf18ebb62d2638aa365f *d2_07-crowd.shn

7dbf0602461b34689c2328a0dec82287 *d3_03-E_Funky Bitch.shn
1632ffd1b5cd56138ef521923fcbcfe2 *d3_02-crowd.shn
564e418d25e0a1dfb389406a2828c46e *d3_01-Sweet Adeline.shn
0f04f41ca41a775b15da390d7ff433c2 *d3_04-crowd.shn

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Date User Comment
06/11/2002 Rob Place 1st set will fit on a 74-minute disc. 2nd set and encore can fit on a 80-minute disc only if you cut out the 'crowd' tracks on the SHNs.
06/12/2002 Mike this sounds like it could be an FM but more likely a FOB... theres very little low end, something I would not expect in an FM recording. The high's are so crispy though that if it is an AUD recording, it'd have to be my opinion
02/02/2003 Jeff Kaisershot I found numerous clicks in Stash. They were at :12, 9:42, 9:56, 10:12, 10:28, 10:43, 11:01, and 11:18. At most of these points it sounds like the tape "skipped" or something, like there are a few notes missing around each time I noted.