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Garcia 02/02/91
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d2-md5 , d1-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Garcia & Grisman, rehearsals: unknown gen proshot video > editing > WAV 48 kHz > FLAC, via Teddy Goodbear. 
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Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA
2/2/91 soundcheck/rehearsal

ADMIN NOTE: there are two discs worth of material, derived from the circulating proshot video and circulated in 1/2007 by Teddy Goodbear.  We have taken the liberty of editing Goodbear's voluminous text files to focus as much as possible on what's on the discs.

Source: Believed mostly from SBD and Justin Kreutzmann video camera or stage mics > GoodBear Edit > WAV 48 kHz > FLAC.

Disc 1 of 2

00.  {0:21} disclaimer silence clipped on FLAC audio
01.  {0:15} goodbear start signature
02.  {1:07} setting up and discussion between Garcia and Grisman to get David a mic
03.  {3:54} Poison Glass Of Wine* ~ (Garcia on guitar, vocals/Grisman on mandolin, vocals)
04.  {0:30} setup and tuning
05.  {0:46} When First Unto This Country** ~ 1st take (Garcia on guitar, vocals)
06.  {0:20} tuning
07.  {3:14} When First Unto This Country** ~ 2nd take(Garcia on guitar, vocals/Grisman on mandolin)
08.  {2:50} duet Grateful Dawg** (Garcia on guitar, vocals/Grisman on mandolin)
09.  {1:46} Jim Kerwin bass setup with Garcia and Grisman approval
10.  {0:52} more bass setup
11.  {0:44} more bass setup while Garcia and Grisman discuss strategies
12.  {0:33} percussion setup while Garcia on guitar helps percussionist Joe Craven with a tuneup beat
13.  {1:55} more percussion setup while Garcia noodles on guitar and Grisman chats with stage hand
14.  {0:44} more percussion setup while Garcia noodles on guitar
15.  {0:55} tuning up > hints of Arabia* (Garcia on guitar/Grisman on mandolin)
16.  {0:45} So What?** (Garcia on guitar/Grisman on mandolin)
17.  {0:51} Joe Craven setting up violin while Garcia and Grisman talk/laugh and Garcia lights cigarette
18.  {1:36} Craven on violin/Garcia on guitar noodles, Grisman hams it up to camera "Art of Family Tuning" > Instrumental (Craven on violin, Garcia on guitar and Grisman on mandolin)
19.  {0:51} mish mahsh instrumental tuning, "booming bass" (Craven~violin, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
20.  {1:47} Stage hand ticks Jerry off. Grisman suggests, "...Banjo Duet..." to calm Jerry down then banjo setup
21.  {8:06} more banjo setup > Sweet Sunny South* (Garcia and Grisman ~ Banjo Duet)
22.  {4:44}  Instrumental(?)*** (Craven~percussion, Garcia~banjo, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass) > discussion & stage chat
23.  {2:55} more bass setup with bow, setup and stage chatter > Garcia noodling
24.  {0:36} all band members talk strategy
25.  {0:40} Two Soldiers** ~ 1st take (Craven~violin, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
26.  {1:49} Two Soldiers** ~ 2nd take (Craven~violin, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
27.  {5:44} Spring In California** (Craven~percussion, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
28.  {4:43} Garcia noodling > Grateful Dawg** (Craven~percussion, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
29.  {1:30} The Thrill Is Gone ~ DVD #2 highlight tease promo (Craven~percussion, Garcia~guitar, Grisman~mandolin & Kerwin~bass)
30.  {4:25} Grisman Intro 8/25/1991 > Grateful Dawg Promo "Grateful Dawg" audio soundtrack
31.  {0:20} goodbear end signature
Total: {62:02}

Disc 2 of 2

Set 2 con't.
00.  {0:21} disclaimer silence clipped on FLAC audio
01.  {0:15} goodbear start signature
02.  {1:37} Garcia noodling scales > tuneup > Thrill Is Gone** ~ 1st take > Garcia shows Grisman "melody"
03.  {5:25} Thrill Is Gone** ~ 2nd take
04.  {0:24} Thrill Is Gone** ~ 3rd take
05.  {5:59} Thrill Is Gone** ~ 4th take
06.  {1:13} Garcia noodling scales while checking the sound in all the corners of the Warfield
07.  {1:39} Drum solo intro for Arabia* >
08.  {2:42} Arabia*
09.  {1:01} More Garcia noodling scales
Set 3
10.  {0:26} talk > break time lapse talk
11.  {3:14} Man Of Constant Sorrow* ~ 1st take
12.  {0:56} Man Of Constant Sorrow* ~ 2nd take
13.  {0:40} take on what to practice > Grisman has strap trouble > tuneup >
14.  {0:24} Friend of The Devil* ~ 1st take
15.  {4:45} Friend of The Devil* ~ 2nd take
16.  {2:56} talk > Ripple* ~ 1st take
17.  {0:15} sound complaints >
18.  {4:06} Ripple* ~ 2nd take
19.  {0:44} Ripple* ending duel mandolin only w/Grisman & Craven
20.  {1:22} telling jokes break time
21.  {9:15} Old Rockin' Chair* ~ 1st take
22.  {0:29} Old Rockin' Chair* ~ 2nd take
23.  {0:17} Garcia noodles >
24.  {0:48} ending talk
25.  {4:25} Grisman Intro 8/25/1991 > Grateful Dawg Promo "Grateful Dawg" audio soundtrack
26.  {0:20} goodbear end signature
Total: {55:49}

Jerry Garcia - guitar, banjo, vocals
David Grisman - mandolin, banjo, vocals
Jim Kerwin - stand up bass with and w/o bow
Joe Craven - violin, percussion and mandolin

Some of Goodbear's Notes:
*  1st known time (event wise) being played as "Jerry Garcia and David Grisman"
** 2nd known time (event wise) being played as "Jerry Garcia and David Grisman"
***Sounds like "Grateful Dawg" but Garcia seems a little unfamiliar with it.
~ The 1st few tracks sound a little distant (brief parts of other tracks sound distant too), could be from camera or stage mics? Most tracks are nice SBD sounding!
~ This has NOT been released commercially as of 1/13/2007... Video & audio
outtakes from the commercially released film "Grateful Dawg" filmed by
Justin Kreutzmann is IMHO where these "outtakes" are from.

WARNING: This material is released under the "fair use" doctrine for
nonprofit educational purposes, with the intention and belief that such
limited noncommercial duplication will not adversely affect the potential
market for or value of the copyrighted works, because the users will
purchase authorized release if they become available.

Do NOT Buy or Sell ... Sale of this unauthorized release
is prohibited...

That said ~ I THINK EVERYONE who enjoys this unauthorized release should
buy the commercial release of "Grateful Dawg" to show their support for
all involved commercially, including Justin Kreutzmann who filmed it...
Show Checksums
a4638e1436e51728bafc65805accf30c *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t01.flac
5580ecb02d381eae8f4ae329fb8be192 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t02.flac
cd3630b80e56518712eebf6a1d5c6136 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t03.flac
970540824b47e9b75e2fbcb49193a3a5 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t04.flac
6073ccbd11edd76542643face498c040 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t05.flac
8534b717747a754911be34b533f4245d *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t06.flac
9ed04b96cfd5bc3f30aa1bc101906a39 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t07.flac
872c299d763f3240f3c58e888b4b30f6 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t08.flac
f84f5317770ea712f3307433b1fb0fea *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t09.flac
383b06c84616f7725b4fb8deb508caf2 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t10.flac
73b9b4e16ca78ab8d6eba5f06785ccf6 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t11.flac
02332fc5e334ae7c51c4c94260f696d5 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t12.flac
fca6b8e6446d76833e8c8933a64079d5 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t13.flac
dbbca2887306ac61e7ab9e3966975912 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t14.flac
4b6402291b1703dcb562afbded8c84e3 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t15.flac
17335eee2702f77b46b9ee26b7e2bd2d *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t16.flac
00717c7136cedd11fd3d1e45e3419763 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t17.flac
6e50c23caa15498c6cb526320f250bc4 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t18.flac
636498eadf8fb8e518e213674e8bfc80 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t19.flac
398f096063c8e1e4092cda462025fd38 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t20.flac
fd9108d66e8a16f82eb16e7a5baffa83 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d2t21.flac
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a2bdbc8eebb9662473879c8a79cb5b08 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t06.flac
9312d71b74b992146cbd9cb13107c7ec *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t07.flac
16b90cff59f3ad47dcc75c749a1c5dd9 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t08.flac
80d60da30fd4a9d811517d88b516c806 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t09.flac
75f54f1e55250fb95de1ffa11cebce9f *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t10.flac
f5e31852bf41a5e31886da66f58c5410 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t11.flac
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06c84b5721e8e0ffff672997811698f4 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t28.flac
7ebff5a097446952a687c5e8881cda31 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t29.flac
f625c8be00cba5e0b52b4c05ca8db3b2 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t30.flac
7a6c66341f6e72914f655c9765b5f1f0 *jg1991-02-02.rehearsals.sndtrack.d1t31.flac

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