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Grateful Dead 11/08/69
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , orig-v2-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary MR (Dick Latvala) > DAT > SoundForge (Jim Wise) > CD; extensively cleaned up (see info file); via Primal Dead Latvala Tribute Tree; d2t8 apparently bonus track of tuning (with slide whistle) from 11/7/69; note not the entire show, just the "Picks"; flaws not on master, first copy (a): d1t04 Dropout @ 11:01; d1t06 Dropout @ 00:27; d1t07 Dropout @ 00:09, another bump 1:37; d2t02 Dropout/Slight Hesitation @ 05:34 (sounds similar to a track ID error); flawed source went to abgd as well as etree; flawless source (b) obtained by M. Parrillo, up by 11/30 though not at all sites; caution- new version had some track name/ordering mixups; note a third source (c) may be up too, no dropouts; note this show is now released as Dick's Picks 16- go buy it 
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Original info file is below, followed by notes on out-of-order tracks on one version.
In any case, I recommend just  buying a copy of Dick's Picks 16! -DSH
Grateful Dead
Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
MR (Dick Latvala) > DAT > SoundForge (Jim Wise) > CD

Disc 1

1. Easy Wind
2. Good Lovin?
3. Dark Star >
4. The Other One >
5. Dark Star >
6. Uncle John's Jam >
7. Dark Star

Disc 2

1. Saint Stephen >
2. The Eleven >
3. Caution >
4. Main Ten Jam>
5. Caution >
6. Feedback >
7. And We Bid You Goodnight
8. Tuning


Jim Wise's essay About 11/8/69

It wasn't too long after I met Dick in person when he let me in on what
he really was into for a 2-track pick from 1969. When he started coming
east for Dicks Picks parties several years ago he found comfortable
accommodations at my home. I had already an internet & telephone
correspondence with this fascinating man for 2 years prior but had never
met him in person, & luckily for me, Dick & I had several long time
mutual taper friends who vouched for me, so the ice was broken in
advance. I credit my wife Dani for rounding him up. He could have fun
with her (and vice versa) & we could bullshit about tapes all night

I had 11/8 in my collection in several different forms for years, but
never really sat down with it the way Dick showed me how to. Dick was
like Santa Claus & whenever he would show up (once he called with little
advance warning & said he was only one hour away, so get ready for him)
he literally had a bag full of tapes, both cassette & dats. He good
naturedley would love to see me squirm in anticipation & enjoyed teasing
me, 'cause he knew that I was a tape addict, much like himself.

On a visit 2 years ago he sat me down in my living room, we smoked a
fatty, & he pulled out his dat of 11/8 & said  "sit down, shut up, &
listen". As the opening notes of "Dark Star" rang out I watched him curl
up, close his eyes,  & immerse himself in the sound. The last words he
uttered for the next hour & one half were" Its quiet now, but it gets
LOUD" This is when 11/8 really made it's impression on me,  & so did the
infamous clicks!

This was Dick's dilemma; he loved this set so much, but knew that there
were tech flaws on the master. He also had enough experience with his
teammates John Cutler & Jeffrey Norman, to realize that this would be
extremely difficult to persuade them to do the work in order for its
official release as a DP. He was also afraid that it would be rejected
as a pick, like so many other shows he wanted in the past were.

It was only a few months prior that I had started experimenting with a
PC based hard disk recording & editing system, so we grabbed his dat &
downloaded a sample to look at the wav file as it appears on screen. We
farted around for a bit & I found some clicks visually & zoomed in &
simply re drew the glitch with something called the "pencil tool". This
smoothed out the wav & that single click disappeared both visually & on
more importantly, on playback, auditory.

When Dick's business was concluded on the East Coast, he left his dat
with me the play with. His aim was to give John Cutler a reasonable tape
to listen too, in order to introduce him (JC) to the performance. What
Dick had left with me specifically was a dat clone from his personal
cassette copy of Bears 7inch-?-track 7/5-ips master reel.

The redrawing of the glitches was unbelievably tedious, but relatively
easy during the quiet passages, so I spent several days working & sent
him back a dat of the first few minutes of "Dark Star". He called me
back in a whirlwind of enthusiasm & a week later the Dat clones direct
from the masters arrived at my PO box. Now I really went to work &
believe me when I tell you this was truly a labor of love.

Upon inspection this is what I found; the clicking was present on the
right channel of the entire show to 11/7, & the entire show of 11/8,
that is up until the reel flip in the "Other One", when it mysteriously
vanishes! I uploaded the 94-minute Dark Star & ensuing jam onto hard
disk. There is a brief segment before Dark Star begins where you can
really capture what's known as a "noise print". This was basically just
pure clicks without any music, or other noise in the background, & would
be needed if it I could determine that a noise reduction run would be

The 3 facts that saved this recording are; #1 the clicking is only
present on the right channel, #2 it's most annoying during the quiet
passages, where they were the easiest to eliminate, #3 the clicks stop @
approximately 20 minutes into the "jam".  So, I began the tortuous
process of manually redrawing the clicks one glitch at a time. I soon
detected a pattern of precisely 7 clicks per second & measured the
distance between them & found that it was consistent. This was
instrumental in finding those pesky glitches while they were hidden in
the wav's of the louder passages. I knew where to look & got good enough
so that I was able to actually see what was the glitch, & what was

I did some experiments with the "noise print" I previously captured, in
the hopes that the noise reduction process would be effective, but was
not happy with the results. I spent the next one hundred and fifty eight
hours (total) glued to my computer screen with headphones on, redrawing
every fucking glitch I could detect within the 1st 20 minutes of the
right hand channel. When I finally did all that could be humanly
accomplished, I used a helpful tool (called appropriately enough "glitch
finder") to locate even more abnormalities then could be possibly be
detected by the human eye. This is a programmable tool that was
instrumental in helping me locate & putting finer touches on the
smoothing of the wav's. Only when I was satisfied that absolutely no
more could be accomplished by hand (thirty additional man hours) did I
turn to the NR process, which was used extremely sparingly, & only on
the most obnoxious areas. Levels were "normalized", two important
cross-fades were implemented, & that's about it!

With great anticipation & pride I sent a back up back to Dick, along
with his original dat master to set#2 so he could a/b them. He called me
back as ecstatic as only Dick could get! Mission accomplished!!

Dick said that "Now I can die a happy man!"  He wanted 11/8/69 to be a
DP & now it was one step closer to becoming a reality. He planned to
railroad it through in time for DP 16 when he realized that the timing
was off for it to come out on it's 30'th anniversary.

As far as track list goes I was originally of the opinion that only the
jam, spread over 2 discs would be a good pick. Rob Bertrando designed
that layout to include both "Easy Wind, & Good Lovin". It makes for a
better pick & I agree. Those two songs were left "pure" because with the
birth of my baby boy, I can't find the time to work on them  :  (
You will hear some artifacts, but the two songs are loud enough to
mostly mask the problem.

Dick, I'm glad I was able to repay you in some small fashion for your
friendship & all the generosity you bestowed on me. I love you & miss
you every day! You will always be in my Grateful Dead taper heart, most
especially when I play 11/8/69!
Jim Wise

notes on out-of-order tracks:
> Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 13:09:51 -0600
> From: "Grant Tennille"
> Subject: Re: [etree] FW: Be careful with the remastered 11/8/69
> >
> > The fix is to rename gd691108d2t01.shn to gd691108d2t08.shn.  And then
> move
> > all the other tracks down by one, i.e. gd691108d2t02.shn becomes
> > gd691108d2t01.shn.
> >
> > krnl
> >
> >
> Good catch, but I just popped my new one in and found that it's even more
> screwed up. It goes: Goodnight... Eleven..etc. St. Stephen doesn't appear on
> mine until track 7, and I know it wasn't a drag and drop either. Listen to
> the tracks before you burn.
> - -- grant

OK, I think this is the way to go to resolve any questions
as to which track is which.

The second disc should be:

Track#    Name                              Size
d02t01     Saint Stephen >                  41,911,289
d02t02     The Eleven >                     94,645,289
d02t03     Caution >                       104,024,877
d02t04     Main Ten Jam>                    18,215,741
d02t05     Caution >                        52,151,065
d02t06     Feedback >                       45,720,297
d02t07     And We Bid You Goodnight         17,211,501
d02t08     Star Spangled Banner, etc.       13,681,417

I hope this helps identify the correct track order.

Again, sorry for all the confusion.


Dank Star's CDR List:
Show Checksums
9cf5ddf40c7b2d2020fb9b967ecd0620 *gd69-11-08d1t01.shn
e9be626619387b7aaf8f95001878822b *gd69-11-08d1t02.shn
38cabdf641a59c174f875a35ba3f9ff8 *gd69-11-08d1t03.shn
33c0e34a5d0b43532e61a025a08f95ce *gd69-11-08d1t04.shn
dbcdd207decf49553efa1c41f2a2b6ee *gd69-11-08d1t05.shn
b8851443b7d3e6d293ecb4f7e1646058 *gd69-11-08d1t06.shn
6c58e25c4fb50a5f7f29bfc9d91ffab5 *gd69-11-08d1t07.shn
460973cc2753abc2922cc537cc9dc147 *gd69-11-08d2t04.shn
590da8339d5ac74fe6e015b90c194124 *gd69-11-08d2t02.shn
eeeba6799da85ef97ee8d3112bb08402 *gd69-11-08d2t03.shn
03fa9da89ff0748f47519fac3619084f *gd69-11-08d2t01.shn
666c76c02c1fe04d644a60d29bfe71c2 *gd69-11-08d2t05.shn
67fe16347edfa4690cbce9c6588e6d94 *gd69-11-08d2t06.shn
1b4f2b8785906ef2211dc4818c92a592 *gd69-11-08d2t07.shn
151645affffa8c3221b1362edc8e11d8 *gd69-11-08d2t08.shn
32ead0d6daf6c4a8d1fa1ac46ce81417 *gd69-11-08d1t06.shn
2330c5313f01012af8b43b8d1c8d89c5 *gd69-11-08d1t02.shn
93c19a4f05c581c13342ae2ced9d4684 *gd69-11-08d1t03.shn
0e4309a365b9511bad9a3ec407222704 *gd69-11-08d1t04.shn
566e9714446cb193e019295a50130b9c *gd69-11-08d1t05.shn
df02e7925e5c89270d87987cc78d50c6 *gd69-11-08d1t01.shn
94406192a1e80169df9beeb28cad863a *gd69-11-08d1t07.shn
8a69d794b0a9e1989baf94c82228f8c8 *gd69-11-08d2t06.shn
61ea59a5eed04008950234527222a801 *gd69-11-08d2t02.shn
44c903570b7b3b9514a637ad7db74c8e *gd69-11-08d2t03.shn
5972bba94fc0bafb6d4b8847cac707f1 *gd69-11-08d2t04.shn
0c674462075d27dd69f4aa4644b8512e *gd69-11-08d2t05.shn
82eb1483816d8faf2189f6a1421bf912 *gd69-11-08d2t01.shn
bad1adca7bad34a154f4948ffff789db *gd69-11-08d2t07.shn
28e0b6ac3c95e887526531cba3e66ef0 *gd69-11-08d2t08.shn
6349bfe34acbf317a8fd1d490dc8e3bd *gd691108d1t01.shn
0c341c2cc2e7e3945a4fb267396a52f2 *gd691108d1t02.shn
d83fa16b1a923cbeeba903355c59f0a0 *gd691108d1t03.shn
2a206ed5e72c8a0eaea5821346f73dc9 *gd691108d1t04.shn
cad34935174686dd23aa383ca4adef79 *gd691108d1t05.shn
b4baa723510af2d70fd6a607857e90e7 *gd691108d1t06.shn
4d84547f4411a15d154bef44ea9a4628 *gd691108d1t07.shn
823e9617be06fb5898d062265dcfa563 *gd691108d2t01.shn
2231368d171df77fc001bf5615786525 *gd691108d2t02.shn
87e1a7a9c45ee1151a0c75a4585e1e06 *gd691108d2t03.shn
ff311a3290b23fbec16d4ee744917437 *gd691108d2t04.shn
53ae19385b166279d724fbf39e7be1e6 *gd691108d2t05.shn
f9e4901536b1f548dee11109143e5615 *gd691108d2t06.shn
8612d2af350d0ce9f395cdbfce873a3e *gd691108d2t07.shn
93079fc8ff655c24b455e91f1713dc88 *gd691108d2t08.shn
99777c3ce5c5af43b4a3757aa8e39371 [shntool] gd691108d1t01.shn
a9d9e5d6d7874fa578ee2bb8e86edd47 [shntool] gd691108d1t02.shn
28804d1ae48cdd78b28698e020b4dfd5 [shntool] gd691108d1t03.shn
0cc5d458eebe43c1a784d8869610b2ad [shntool] gd691108d1t04.shn
cb31ad039a892235fa8236219b7ede0b [shntool] gd691108d1t05.shn
efca135a81a8f92e88017978e20da004 [shntool] gd691108d1t06.shn
0736f99c9a3b6c360d2a11b74610c3d7 [shntool] gd691108d1t07.shn
ce58f76187e71918a75ba3a3d636c207 [shntool] gd691108d2t01.shn
b3e57dad303bc83c6a54b4bb99fcbb4b [shntool] gd691108d2t02.shn
8ab67dd0e724006a9b2ee4cdab31d114 [shntool] gd691108d2t03.shn
946c3722344663039818cf39acabea9b [shntool] gd691108d2t04.shn
5f11ed92a68fe5514a7a489847546c54 [shntool] gd691108d2t05.shn
f6ac3b7b7985a3c6c1ddb1617879e71d [shntool] gd691108d2t06.shn
8937012605c74f3ed936aa014683adb2 [shntool] gd691108d2t07.shn
eaac2fd70949c0b4d14e970c97fcea18 [shntool] gd691108d2t08.shn

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