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Drive-By Truckers 12/31/06
Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [16 Bit] DPA 4011s > SD722 (Mark Lynn) 
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Drive By Truckers
Variety Playhouse,Atlanta, GA

cd # 1
I'll Take You There Intro
Lookout Mountain
Gravity's Gone
Easy On Yourself
Women Without Whiskey
Life In The Factory
Goddamn Lonely Love
My Sweet Annette*

cd # 2
Marry Me
Feb 14
The Living Bubba
New Years Insanity
Where The Devil Don't Stay
Do It Yourself
Dress Blues
World Of Hurt
Let There Be Rock**

cd # 3
Bulldozers And Dirt
Let Me Roll It
Zip City
Keep On Smilin'
Never Gonna Change
Shut Up And Get On The Plane
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love***
People Who Died***

FOB DFC 3rd Row Of Seats:DPA(B&K) 4011s->Luminous Monarchs->[email protected]/96.SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab 5(edit/dither/resample)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by Mark Lynn([email protected]).

* w/ Scott Danbom on violin
** w/ David Barbe on guitar, Will Johnson on guitar, Scott Danbom on violin
*** w/ David Barbe on bass, Will Johnson on guitar, Scott Danbom on violin,Shonna on guitar

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DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t01.flac:be2253e1ab635105e2f8fc423036262f
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t02.flac:4b9c6a54b98af439835c2ca9a7f2a7db
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t03.flac:2732f2192888e5e2dc074cd737a67050
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t04.flac:c2c009b6168f4bd22c8b57f80a249b48
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t05.flac:6197b518de7162a6156fece475aed1b8
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t06.flac:cc50b58544a1fbea3c6c0517215701f7
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t07.flac:28b1e3e31cd69b4fbc9388c88b038fa4
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t08.flac:5203fa93a1271bb5536b0b1abed4515c
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd1t09.flac:a2aabc611be8cf39449282b386016f81
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t01.flac:0919e33c7c0814bc940adae5cdac098e
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t02.flac:fe84ba796171dd9ba2368b91eef5ac8e
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t03.flac:32cc59e71d59e785f9e61506fd625d2d
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t04.flac:4a91c3e95735520416b256b17fb20dc0
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t05.flac:cc89588ad83ba4e1566620f65b522941
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t06.flac:8f9f73d2dac9f9cf1c6b210305cee60b
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t07.flac:a66990fa57a6ec6d17813cb1f2f5e6c0
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t08.flac:205020776479d1cc34b05c40ab1aa3db
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t09.flac:858c06275e60d762ac5506e85a8542d2
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd2t10.flac:07e849306121fd0d1bb38ac822afa0ba
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t01.flac:529501d674dcc63a8ab7f155a2e1c623
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t02.flac:eae56ca8202550c39a9a6a7268cac7b2
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t03.flac:fcbd755eb4f0542ea540ad9eb6629859
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t04.flac:452d465f7710de11f1aaaf3f0de89406
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t05.flac:387b3794acb28330b1148eef4966576f
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t06.flac:567a373b17ed9d7ee4d3645624bdb550
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t07.flac:474c746de37e5266b9cddcace2435330
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t08.flac:f1618c8e892b6e30903587a22d70bfdf
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t09.flac:9c685f4b27a76f8773b2e1c3905737fb
DBT 2006-12-31 4011sd3t10.flac:19ed87e3e52e8a8ad9cce81ee31fcbec

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