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Disco Biscuits 03/05/02
Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Modified Sony SBM-1; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500>Delta Dio 2496>Samplitude>CDWav>SHN; Taped and transferred by Kevin Hughes; Encoded by Dave Cooke - fades (including cross-fade in encore crowd) done in Multiquence 
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The Disco Biscuits 03/05/02
Fox Theater  Boulder, CO

Source: Schoeps CCM4V>Lunatec V2>Modified Sony SBM-1
Transfer: Sony PCM-R500>Delta Dio 2496>Samplitude>CDWav>SHN
Taped and transferred by Kevin Hughes
Encoded by Dave Cooke - fades (including cross-fade in encore crowd) done in Multiquence

Disc 1  (1x74)
   Set 1
1. Run Like Hell > 16:47
2. Aceetobee   15:47
3. Little Lai   12:54
4. Banter   01:03
5. Jigsaw Earth >   15:04
6. The Overture   10:22

Disc 2  (1x80)
   Set 2
1. The Very Moon >   23:49
2. Run Like Hell   00:53
3. Crickets 21:49
4. Banter   01:57
5. Svenghali   15:06
6. E: Banter 01:12
7. And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night > 11:21
8. Jigsaw Earth   03:00
Show Checksums
6f8b9a6de0cf31115f322380971d6b10 *db02-03-05d1t1.shn
88e6d4a9f0800a79c673c2aec358907c *db02-03-05d1t2.shn
839c31f7c7ded1b70bd9339c6fdbe16d *db02-03-05d1t3.shn
73179f0e17ea26c5a6fbaa5f1b33566f *db02-03-05d1t4.shn
c5f25c2449d52a6fdae292010f5246ab *db02-03-05d1t5.shn
de96669f3b47594a35421d9359944c8b *db02-03-05d1t6.shn
91957c0959d2f4d5239c9a27d27dc65d *db02-03-05d2t2.shn
6c1a65c05628d729bb74376f79a5fbfa *db02-03-05d2t1.shn
db515fa5412364591474b598c30729b4 *db02-03-05d2t3.shn
1af23ce51da2030d8746fe514e4b0d10 *db02-03-05d2t4.shn
5e721569b73e491ddd79ceb850f8ab9e *db02-03-05d2t5.shn
0e6149c8968938efa0c35e2760737d83 *db02-03-05d2t6.shn
ab9980dff3fb17fdbe2255cf82a4cd24 *db02-03-05d2t7.shn
5230df816d9961d5c8fd81793a5b1da9 *db02-03-05d2t8.shn

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01/31/2003 Roadrunner very cool RLH, Very Moon, and Crickets, also a nice sounding seed! get this show (well get 3-8-02 THEN get this show :-)