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Zero 11/04/05
The Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA
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Source Summary Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM (pressure zone microphone) > 744T mic preamp
PA mics: Crown CM-700 > Shure FP-42
Audacity > FLAC 
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The Mystic Theater
Nov. 4, 2005
Petaluma CA

Recording gear used:
Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM (pressure zone microphone).
PA mics: Crown CM-700 cardioid condensers, one each per PA main (PA in stereo).
Mixer: Shure FP-42 powering the cardioids.
Recording device: Sound Devices 744T.
Resolution: 24-bit, 48 kHz.
The PZM ran through the 744T mic preamp, the cards ran through the Shure FP-42.
Transfer: Copy & paste the files (in Broadcast pcm format) to external storage,
mix the 4 tracks in Audacity and save as a stereo windows wav file in 24/48.
All final editing, tracking, fading, nomalization, edits and dithering
and downsampling in Samplitude 7.2.

Recording & post production by Bob Cogswell, [email protected]
FOH engineer: Howard Danchik

Guitar: Futoshi Morioka
Bass guitar: Liam Hanrahan
Keyboards: Melvin Seals
Saxophone: Martin Fiero
Drums: Greg Anton
Vocals: Judge Murphy
Vocals: Miss Loretta

Tear Tags>
Horses (judge)
Chance In A Million (Judge)
Golden Road
Forever Is Nowhere (Miss Loretta)
Me And The Devil (Melvin)
Catalina (Judge)

End Of The World Blues (Judge)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Judge)
Greggs Eggs
Years To Come (Miss Loretta)
Home On The Range (Judge)
Highway 61 (Judge)
Little Wing

This show was a sort of a bust out for this line-up. Futoshi's playing on this gig
broke new ground for him, in my opinion. It had been a long time since I had seen him
play. Not since Gregg's Egg's (roughly 2 years ago) in fact. He has been playing a
blues gig since then, and his playing on EOWB shows the work. During Golden Road,
Futoshi's guitar amp quit, and you can hear him just sort of fade away during a solo.
The rest of the band steps up after a short delay, and Futoshi comes back to finish
the song.

Below are the shntool outputs. The fixed.wav lines refer to the actual existing
tracks. The original  wavs needing fixing were deleted and the fixed wavs renamed.
The stripped wavs referred to below the shntool info were the only ones needing
stripping before flac compression.

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    10:29.49     111073230     ---   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t01.wav
    10:30.24     111190050     ---   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t02.wav
     9:26.42      99942786     ---   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t03.wav
    14:30.54     153596610     ---   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t04.wav
    12:02.46     127470594     ---   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t05.wav
     9:26.12      99870668     ---   --    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t06-fixed.wav
     9:26.12      99873102     -b-   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t06.wav
    10:00.09     105861212     ---   --    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t07-fixed.wav
    10:00.08     105859930     -b-   -e    ---    Zero2 2051104d1t07.wav
    95:52.31    1014738182 B                      (totals for 9 files)
Show Checksums
986c0da0fd7d685051b36bae3285087d *zero2005-11-04d1t01.flac
9537f0693581c12550353573923a2b75 *zero2005-11-04d1t02.flac
35bdaccbe0cf48b391367116503c18ef *zero2005-11-04d1t03.flac
36c48f34cdd46351de7c80b37bd033e6 *zero2005-11-04d1t04.flac
c34828ac607fb2799a8d2bcb8bfc6560 *zero2005-11-04d1t05.flac
ff743aa42f2f8aad97b3a80a89451a23 *zero2005-11-04d1t06.flac
703257c63502e98649b967d16c8128b7 *zero2005-11-04d1t07.flac
d90d7a9d3b58f5d422ebd06ed8a99aac *zero2005-11-04d2t01.flac
bc441c1572084d105d3eb6b9936227cb *zero2005-11-04d2t02.flac
a8f60fc6252fe1ca7b8cbd119980f862 *zero2005-11-04d2t03.flac
dd47f328d7f86a61bc22346200a32858 *zero2005-11-04d2t04.flac
73cf66af13133fd58d3e031160005141 *zero2005-11-04d3t01.flac
72e72d3ea4159922679197d3f15c859e *zero2005-11-04d3t02.flac
dcb903af61ee88d7e13714c00d33939c *zero2005-11-04d3t03.flac
7235709ff00e03e409f73f245b62de78 *zero2005-11-04d3t04.flac

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