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Grateful Dead 06/13/94
Memorial Stadium, Seattle, WA
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Source # 8239 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Schoeps CMC441s FOB > DAT > PC > WAV > SHN; Seeded to etree by Marc Pujol 
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Grateful Dead
Seattle Memorial Stadium
Seattle, WA

Source: Schoeps CMC441s FOB > DAT > PC > WAV > SHN

CD 1 total [63:42]
Set 1
01. Hell in a Bucket [07:28]
02. Row Jimmy    [11:56]
03. Minglewood [08:44]
04. Tennessee Jed [09:21]
05. Queen Jane [06:23]
06. Bird Song [13:53]
07. Promised Land [05:54]

CD 2 total [68:53]
Set 2 part 1
01. Scarlet Begonias [12:26]
02. Fire on the Mountain [18:54]
03. Corrina [09:29]
04. Terrapin [15:25]
05. Jam [02:52]
06. Drums [09:45]

CD 3 total [42:16]
set 2 part 2
01. Space [17:49]
02. I Need a Miracle [04:48]
03. Morning Dew [13:47]
04. U.S. Blues [05:50]

The only source info on the DAT jcard was Schoeps CMC441s FOB. No deck or power supply info.
Wav files checked with SHNtool to ensure proper sector boundaries.

Transfer info;
DAT Clone > Sony PCM R300 > RME digi96/8pro > WAV (no DAE)
SOundforge 4.5a for recording and normalizing
CDWAV for track splits > SHN/seekable using mkwAct
Seeded to Etree by Marc Pujol on 03/17/2002.
Show Checksums
bc9abd8dfdaf5a74860a1730a2f64b19 *gd1994-06-13d1t01.shn
e92cdd70354a78293e964c30e4103183 *gd1994-06-13d1t02.shn
f9616952ec0956847d79736cfb45cff1 *gd1994-06-13d1t03.shn
3a3f1b4800190045aae0d2a3c017ea8f *gd1994-06-13d1t04.shn
0f74e0e4ebdac9a3e3097d39aa120e9f *gd1994-06-13d1t05.shn
a8a812da6787a545a195481fd478660a *gd1994-06-13d1t06.shn
0b783a15d0c26877eed00d5b86f24c27 *gd1994-06-13d1t07.shn
3e1370f25f49ea4fa01b7d6a86a6bd0d *gd1994-06-13d2t01.shn
782f11dde9d555a8db89967d70ff2f6f *gd1994-06-13d2t02.shn
65e7cf6c927ded30290d6093fcf0f4d3 *gd1994-06-13d2t03.shn
48f11abf621d9ddfbe744e3ceb11cd13 *gd1994-06-13d2t04.shn
6f13f6bafbc245a870a3413e33af82d4 *gd1994-06-13d2t05.shn
4f50f5842c9f8763e1a908e8fa61218f *gd1994-06-13d2t06.shn
507de971d19f2f518fc3225c2a67f6c6 *gd1994-06-13d3t01.shn
a5c57bc54ee56ed071b9bf7763d2fb74 *gd1994-06-13d3t02.shn
2557a35f9cec08c9c441fcd06149e8cc *gd1994-06-13d3t03.shn
1fb264cf8c71fd7c23537175a1480b36 *gd1994-06-13d3t04.shn
2421c7faf514f15dfce0568044b0fba5 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t01.shn
ab539c37abd01ef1ce92c5f9d8c48ecd [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t02.shn
70b6811f2af9d1fb5bdaac31fec626ab [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t03.shn
2b6c67dfa2ebd478d63ddf1ebfe33de9 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t04.shn
6cf4f54b61804d56f2d976df2ebd6e40 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t05.shn
5d761bd38baea1a4a145717a5ad8f852 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t06.shn
cce8a5fc7b817b4d4fc7fb8aa781bc0c [shntool] gd1994-06-13d1t07.shn
979d853e4c2e2a37552433c0fd877065 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t01.shn
4cd1d8536015cdee19a73fc379a36837 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t02.shn
f67151ed6eafdc884abff279e32eb896 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t03.shn
f6fa214b3704d6a9bbdf7cd861cf84e2 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t04.shn
a9fddd8e993358e99b8f43792410d499 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t05.shn
080d25925e36ee0943526330261fd60f [shntool] gd1994-06-13d2t06.shn
5d385b505b80caab48d39fb85045650d [shntool] gd1994-06-13d3t01.shn
2c4194cacc8ca7cf54e10956a13f056f [shntool] gd1994-06-13d3t02.shn
b65e8cb2825a8c73ee2a9aea3ebda820 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d3t03.shn
4da234954772f45103e6dc56de9cd844 [shntool] gd1994-06-13d3t04.shn

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Date User Comment
03/06/2012 jek d2t4 is really Terrapin Station > Jam, d2t5 is the beginning of Drums, which is continued in d2t6.