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Grateful Dead 06/19/94
Autzen Stadium, U. of Oregon, Eugene, OR
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary FOB / Nak 100/CP1 cardioids > DAT > PC > WAV > SHN; Seeded to etree by Marc Pujol 
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Grateful Dead
Autzen Stadium
Univ. of Oregon
Eugene, OR

Source: FOB / Nak 100/CP1 cardioids > DAT > PC > WAV > SHN

CD 1 total [49:14]
Set 1
01. Touch of Grey [07:04]
02. Walkin Blues [06:32]
03. Brown-Eyed Women   [07:31]
04. El [email protected] [06:31]
05. If The Shoe Fits [06:26]
06. Bird Song [15:06]

@ Weir on acoustic  

CD 2 total [66:53]
Set 2 part 1
01. Scarlet Begonias -> [07:18]
02. Fire on the Mountain [23:00]
03. Samson & Delilah   [08:47]
04. Long Way to Go Home   [06:42]
05. Playin in the Band ->   [09:07]
06. Uncle John's Band -> [11:56]

CD 3 total [71:44]
Set 2 part 2
01. Drums -> [13:30]
02. Space -> [21:43]
03. The Other One -> [10:43]
04. Wharf Rat -> [10:46]
05. Good Lovin' [06:07]
06. Knockin on Heaven's Door [08:52]

Transfer info;
DAT Clone > Sony PCM R300 > RME digi96/8pro > WAV (no DAE)
Soundforge 4.5a for recording and normalizing
CDWAV for track splits > SHN/seekable using mkwAct
Seeded to Etree by Marc Pujol on 03/18/2002.

The only source info on the DAT jcard was Nak 100's/CP1 cardioids. No deck or power supply info.
The encore was taped from the OTS, not FOB
Files checked with SHNtool to ensure proper sector boundaries.

FOB related Flaws:
There are moments during the first set where the soundfield shifts and/or gets muffled
which suggests the mics where being lowered to avoid detection. There's some isolated poping
noise that at first sounds like digi pops but they are definitely not. I examined the WAVs
in soundforge. It sounds like the mic stand was getting bumped and moved.
There are some people clapping loudly near the rig at some points.

Show Checksums
af3488b3988c3c4518f35198560afdcc *gd1994-06-19d1t01.shn
5ba665c367e188052d6de7d887e3d310 *gd1994-06-19d1t02.shn
d6810c725d3b84d31bd867dcfc3c4311 *gd1994-06-19d1t03.shn
54e21fd7385111fac47d7e2dcb277820 *gd1994-06-19d1t04.shn
d7ceff01268f21df6c9aed39c4196f8e *gd1994-06-19d1t05.shn
76e5de9b4fad940bf4f1d00374ede42d *gd1994-06-19d1t06.shn
ea7c2380519870afe545b874cf5799e0 *gd1994-06-19d2t01.shn
3bcbbd21cf82234e8a2ee8401664a7a2 *gd1994-06-19d2t02.shn
019f4b219927f0c6027c26ef9df85e96 *gd1994-06-19d2t03.shn
ca05b04d77910ad23492adbacbba5445 *gd1994-06-19d2t04.shn
ff3cdd9c66a863e5b760083958aeb726 *gd1994-06-19d2t05.shn
103fcf5ada1e7b74d36cdcea044d7fb2 *gd1994-06-19d2t06.shn
2bdf7a3be049bb5f85037d2a26c05eae *gd1994-06-19d3t01.shn
df98b115c065de1ce888a472502de145 *gd1994-06-19d3t02.shn
5ba7be66a5c643285b1681824d748edb *gd1994-06-19d3t03.shn
505153f29777fe52b58fbd198384be0d *gd1994-06-19d3t04.shn
fe3caf8c6011991cb23fd79603a35ad9 *gd1994-06-19d3t05.shn
dd3f46b9f7ac4e11b03b439ada46b369 *gd1994-06-19d3t06.shn
73350d4b89d4312443cb2d8d62a20dfa [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t01.shn
538ff388f196a0ad97e591e7e1844d64 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t02.shn
54d9b31bb02b292ba09bd67342219951 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t03.shn
96fa0b7cf347984335881ed7ccd7c5e3 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t04.shn
d4ee6f182b4772c5bb9182e7d882c4a4 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t05.shn
0d33447a74b4f4bbf3ec967e8c8d7bf4 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d1t06.shn
95e77053dcd5f06012511fabdbd9d031 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t01.shn
81ed30b48122def5463e013a08f3d46c [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t02.shn
d59f1f7e4cd18375019c4c5dfe7ad761 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t03.shn
0445f700b3c3f619de1ddb71202032e8 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t04.shn
506e538946a7f6dd08eaab3af4d232b3 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t05.shn
2c027922eac18a7d9cb746c12f3c19d2 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d2t06.shn
bdc21623b4ea6992a5d3f1607e28a42b [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t01.shn
e4e1e1d4ec740e890546bba16782afe0 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t02.shn
b088bab69a223516673c41fc07943dcc [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t03.shn
a8f53c5f47729b0f7fc4f43435a3d386 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t04.shn
c0b2b7a8a74667c4279ab5cddb1c556f [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t05.shn
cf7113b504c3fca67f1627996696f2b4 [shntool] gd1994-06-19d3t06.shn

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