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Phish 07/24/98
Cynthia Woods Pavillion, Houston, TX
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Entered by Jason Sobel
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Source Summary Matrix:(ALD SBD>D8)+(AKG460b's>V2) 
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July 24, 1998
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion - Houston, TX

Source: Matrix:ALD SBD>D8+AKG460b's>V2
MASTER ALD DAT>24 Channel MackieSR24x4>Panasonic SV3800>DAT>Mac G4>ProTools
Audience:AKG460b's>V2>DAT>Mac G4>Protools
Final mix: ProTools>CD>xAct
ALD taped by texaskaje. AKG AUD taped by Billy Myrick.
Mastered and mixed by texaskaje. Seeded 2/07.

Set 1
Moma Dance
Runaway Jim
Bouncing Around The Room
My Soul
Golgi Apparatus
Loving Cup

Set 2
Wolfmans Brother>
Also Spracht Zarathustra>
Scent Of A Mule>
Ha Ha Ha>
Scent Of A Mule
Slave To the Traffic Light
Chalkdust Torture
E. Character Zero

OK, the ALD master went through a LOT of processing before I mixed it w/ the AKGs. The end result is much better than I started out with, but isn't great. There is still some FM fuzz, and making a base mix in a pair of Grado cans was torture. It sounds better in nearfields, and is much less distracting on a home stereo.

Dallas came out better as far as ALDs go, but still isn't as good as possible. I also didn't have all of the capabilities when I mastered this (2002) as I do now. I'd love to remix this again now, but I no longer have any of the files I was working with 5 years ago. Quite honestly I don't like the timing of the first half of the mix, and I could do a more accurate job now, not to mention make a much better sbd re-master.  I have the master dat, and much better gear, I just need a good aud source, so if anybody wants to help me out ...

I replaced the most horrendous parts of static in Moma and Jim with the straight up AUD. The most noticeable of which is in Moma 1:52-3:25. I don't have notes for all of the patch times. Many of them were extremely short and innocuous, but there were quite few of them. Most all of the patches were in Moma and Jim, so after Jim, everything is patch free.  The mix relied heavily on the AUD; just increasing the timbre and presence w/ the board, so it is roughly 60sbd/40aud. Like I said, lots of processing.

In any event, this has been gathering dust for a while, and FiOS finally tore up my front yard, so I thought I'd dump some of this stuff into the pool. I'll make a better version when I can get ahold of another aud copy. Dallas is being redone as well with the Schoeps aud (including Birds of a Feather). So, more to come ...
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