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Yonder Mountain String Band 02/23/07
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus, OH
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Entered by mark burnell
Checksums d2 , d3 , d1
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Recording: SBD & AKG C 568 EB's -> Edirol R4 Transfer: Edirol R4-> USB2 -> Adobe Audition ->FLAC Recorded & Transferred by Brain  
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Yonder Mountain String Band
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion,
Columbus, OH

Recording: SBD & AKG C 568 EB's -> Edirol R4
Transfer: Edirol R4-> USB2 -> Adobe Audition ->FLAC

Recorded & Transferred by Brain

Disc 1
Set I:
1 Stage Banter
2 Steep Grade Sharp Curves
3 Bloody Mary Morning
4 Maid Of The Canyon
5 Idaho
6 Freeborn Man>
7 It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry>
8 Freeborn Man
9 Sometimes I've Won
10 A Story From YMSB
11 Sideshow Blues
12 Naughty Sweetie
13 At The End Of The Day
14 Troubled Mind> 20 Eyes> Troubled Mind
15 Ruby> Follow Me Down To The Riverside> Ruby

Disc 2
Set II:
1 Dawn's Early Light>
2 Raleigh & Spencer
3 You're No Good
4 River
5 High On A Hilltop
6 A Father's Arms
7 2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown>
8 Brown Mountain Lights

Disc 3
Set II cont.
1 Romance Blues
2 Free To Run>
3 No Expectations
4 On The Run>
5 Fingerprint>
6 On The Run
7 Stage Banter
8 Wind's On Fire
9 Crying Holy
Show Checksums
97ca56963a807600bb7ba6690039bd75 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T01.flac
8b525bd353321ca9f5563e2002d34e87 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T02.flac
70429e061fb147bf1a5dfd1237faa5a7 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T03.flac
df42abf14b8204d933fead8303a361fc *YMSB2007-02-23D2T04.flac
5588469e89194506c0d5c303997cc730 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T05.flac
2a4fb100cff3f14aeb1a93f9a9236c04 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T06.flac
35443430f5d912b082763f35ba02416b *YMSB2007-02-23D2T07.flac
bd88ccca3bc9cd6c70850703be170ac2 *YMSB2007-02-23D2T08.flac
81d15be4b50751c3a178dfbb1351f279 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T01.flac
fda5ff85031bfa8699036986ab59e1c2 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T02.flac
6d867ac173d72fecd69842f0be051324 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T03.flac
7e76a51ae4853433ad8044d38988dc71 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T04.flac
03e8001b9538c5780c16ea8536b51327 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T05.flac
d9e9babcee1673422d1f183c2677fd6c *YMSB2007-02-23D3T06.flac
1ec5d0a255e2873f6280572554c0b7eb *YMSB2007-02-23D3T07.flac
c5c01b91e65d28d56be2ceda5be336e0 *YMSB2007-02-23D3T08.flac
6e96f2c17f139ab770bca09fe686bbaa *YMSB2007-02-23D3T09.flac
83e64aff70546114c55c7036d66b6a83 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T01.flac
b60f683cc87990d8ad52bc0ccecf06d1 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T02.flac
a51965db19a32f7a4a98edcc77659dbc *YMSB2007-02-23D1T03.flac
8955b0434aa17ac28074aa186901d666 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T04.flac
7aaf0664bd6e435ecf1995067632d0e6 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T05.flac
5d5e149332667ef2dcc42c9d671b23df *YMSB2007-02-23D1T06.flac
49bc9fb165a0883885378ca27189973d *YMSB2007-02-23D1T07.flac
09f89487fef11c4ce4f21cacb335b509 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T08.flac
ece39458b9bea23b7c12a37653c37394 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T09.flac
0d54436b492e2383b052e79bc7808dce *YMSB2007-02-23D1T10.flac
c264a902c64af67179bba9375256787f *YMSB2007-02-23D1T11.flac
f49de8c61866818da49ea86f71f8898e *YMSB2007-02-23D1T12.flac
ac48ba7c85bfd1d95f87ab7ab7de4ea6 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T13.flac
462516dbada615ca905339a872f0ab15 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T14.flac
7248150519926152e987161820aea4e2 *YMSB2007-02-23D1T15.flac

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