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Grateful Dead 03/04/94
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary DSBD --> DAT --> CDR; via Charlie Kidder 
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Grateful Dead
March 4, 1994
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

Source:  DSBD --> DAT --> CDR
CDR>EAC>WAV>MKW>SHN  by Charlie Kidder

Disc 1 - Set I
1.  Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
2.  Little Red Rooster
3.  Ramble On Rose
4.  Me & My Uncle ->
5.  Big River
6.  Bird Song ->
7.  The Promised Land

Set II
8.  Iko Iko
9.  Looks Like Rain

Disc 2
1.  Crazy Fingers ->
2.  Estimated Prophet ->
3.  Drums ->
4.  Space ->
6.  I Need A Miracle ->
7.  Black Peter ->
8.  Throwing Stones
9.  E:  U.S. Blues
Show Checksums
42a02deecaf020a927f518b9d581e4b7 *GD94-03-04d1t9.shn
94aaccd786398bf2bfbb0cf6e9aab8d8 *GD94-03-04d1t2.shn
1b2ed77e1839d85358ef461a79ccd637 *GD94-03-04d1t3.shn
e4c21072b725a3127e661a856ec7b5da *GD94-03-04d1t4.shn
a780f497153311f60754bfc37955af23 *GD94-03-04d1t5.shn
d224dc5c81f3643b76b5e1a4ec6cd227 *GD94-03-04d1t6.shn
417b9fe1cdd83ba662775275f8f7270f *GD94-03-04d1t7.shn
14c725e5448c122c415b623a163f5161 *GD94-03-04d1t8.shn
b1d3cbb1aef22998bc63ae87a32c8cd2 *GD94-03-04d1t1.shn
49c7ed0c12f73d60ac2e47242292f95b *GD94-03-04d2t9.shn
c65b7df5823eff48c8f2fc928e7b6437 *GD94-03-04d2t2.shn
0ac9a93455135cf893be83ca10557f0f *GD94-03-04d2t3.shn
83cd623ec06e5323b179327a17685247 *GD94-03-04d2t4.shn
91a590dc5e91a1d0a3e2ae87e54851a4 *GD94-03-04d2t5.shn
856360fee15e26b5de7cbfc06b8b1972 *GD94-03-04d2t6.shn
8ac35345d93cc163b41990a4ecce1a0d *GD94-03-04d2t7.shn
365de2a1e27ea06946cdd668be388c2b *GD94-03-04d2t8.shn
4d77b1b7d7ad5916fd5dddddd053184b *GD94-03-04d2t1.shn
6bf48dbcea0542c67df20f56d717ccc2 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t1.shn
5753c3080d300400315eb32f2d25d1a1 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t2.shn
81b079eb03f8db2f0009deed5299d289 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t3.shn
dc738c1399b383b36beea240bd3d3f46 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t4.shn
a0680b556b9a348f039f8289bac1120c [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t5.shn
7fa7d1772bc666a68a403f679dd47e79 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t6.shn
e4d26fe63fc7d1a3cfce8a94133d683a [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t7.shn
d3dbc0b89ec2671ab82da3ae1ed0461b [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t8.shn
d55da129419e7c09fe6ce9f28e59d510 [shntool] GD94-03-04d1t9.shn
042b863a95771c3a728b8d3f8cec1cdd [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t1.shn
1dea62b24c8ef1ba29ce9f96270a7e3e [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t2.shn
f02e2e6eb6950f42457a6091ca51e0c1 [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t3.shn
70155bea65cd4807e020b6552c1de9af [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t4.shn
bf7e405703390cfb0a84917c45e53764 [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t5.shn
692d811ae5714c391132a18ce9a5b99a [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t6.shn
5733038f8fabb2d33da9c9372c299d85 [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t7.shn
3d35af91d02f8a7563d427af22bb655c [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t8.shn
02519848f1a29b732d3f28fadf9213e4 [shntool] GD94-03-04d2t9.shn

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flac16; SBD> ?> CDR>... (1) flac16;... (0) flac16/48kHz; Master... (0) flac16; Master... (0)
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06/09/2005 Fatty d2t5 is the last 1:42 of Space