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Grateful Dead 03/05/94
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary DSBD --> DAT --> CDR; via Charlie Kidder 
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Grateful Dead
March 5, 1994
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

Source:  DSBD --> DAT --> CDR
CDR>EAC>WAV>MKW>SHN  by Charlie Kidder

Disc 1 - Set I
1.  Feel Like A Stranger
2.  Stagger Lee
3.  El Paso
4.  Loose Lucy
5.  Broken Arrow
6.  Eternity
7.  Bertha

Set II
8.  China Cat Sunflower ->
9.  I Know You Rider
10.  Way To Go Home

Disc 2
1.  Saint Of Circumstance ->
2.  He's Gone ->
3.  Drums ->
4.  Space ->
5.  All Along The Watchtower ->
6.  Stella Blue ->
7.  One More Saturday Night
8.  E:  I Fought The Law
Show Checksums
52132d85bcc9e2b117848609c2cd502c *GD94-03-05d1t10.shn
bb6d20222e2e5fa3473cf6820293debd *GD94-03-05d1t02.shn
dbe26d6ca6ec9e1264d44e4054c09026 *GD94-03-05d1t03.shn
eaa16d25051262399ac7491f3fe11232 *GD94-03-05d1t04.shn
2ff6fc3ed58b14abccb467d4cd34928b *GD94-03-05d1t05.shn
0815eaf06b5aecf64b1706bad06f1a18 *GD94-03-05d1t06.shn
90ecc2378b0154a78984f5bd07484b9c *GD94-03-05d1t07.shn
d0fbdd5d5f81741a76db4c76bdd639f6 *GD94-03-05d1t08.shn
3de1f6650004f62cfc1eaf6fc574b80b *GD94-03-05d1t09.shn
634cb62727a14ab8cd50e4097d151479 *GD94-03-05d1t01.shn
bfd5d78ac8ed67cf6b247bda845d35ba *GD94-03-05d2t8.shn
c4a3c63837fa44ad33e87fd53ea30c75 *GD94-03-05d2t2.shn
d8f389c2fcb392cc1b33c9307f7e1ff4 *GD94-03-05d2t3.shn
7a695cda47438672377ff940ba056721 *GD94-03-05d2t4.shn
22c3563067484557d76ac687f3ef2664 *GD94-03-05d2t5.shn
aa7b169a33cd8807775fe12b77c29b99 *GD94-03-05d2t6.shn
eb92cf2753e697a5ad5b7733902d2176 *GD94-03-05d2t7.shn
44b155f770811ca5c3b51ff06df9ad0d *GD94-03-05d2t1.shn
9802599199e10ebe17d6c608a5c27c75 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t01.shn
de8a2e89a541e67b63c163a466adcf6c [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t02.shn
103fc2b8f5da1765421b562737e9a91d [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t03.shn
119d21222e2cd63d0d2c53ea9b1446e3 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t04.shn
4a355f7f3cb1bc78a584245b418c9e65 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t05.shn
7739783313ec500a8f9da86c5bc66641 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t06.shn
2b052b5c3d7e363e48b2c4324eae7984 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t07.shn
daf8f0c807e7cf59daf70be17b7d6184 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t08.shn
703caecb2e0e4d49af2c099a4a4614fc [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t09.shn
6a8308ade4b330cc3d70a17136ccd351 [shntool] GD94-03-05d1t10.shn
46f66b962bab1a04aa3465d901bffee4 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t1.shn
eb4a9aeb00f5283cf6fbde249e7486a3 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t2.shn
3fdc9d1d2c7a78f944d30414d4632a4f [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t3.shn
faece71f6312a31552ef2249d9bcec56 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t4.shn
7a2efdf668afe28639edff759f8505bb [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t5.shn
634d69592e5a5fb84e64b05c48c00da5 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t6.shn
be50772260dbcb2e397f57f44d598d42 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t7.shn
401b02e5757f52443331b61326faecf5 [shntool] GD94-03-05d2t8.shn

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