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The Codetalkers 04/11/01
Irving Plaza, New York, NY
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Entered by chemist
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Source: akg461> gp dmic 20> d8> cdr> shntool (verified ok) > mkw > CDR Transfer: CDR> EAC> WAV> CDwave> Flac Frontend (Level 6)> Flac16  
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The Codetalkers w/Mike Gordon
Irving Plaza
New York, NY

Source: akg461> gp dmic 20> d8> cdr> shntool (verified ok) > mkw > CDR
Transfer: CDR> EAC> WAV> CDwave> Flac Frontend (Level 6)> Flac16

Taped by: Unknown
Transfered by: Scott Brown
Remastered: 1/17/2006

***Special Thanks*** to TaperNate for hooking us up with this copy

Set 1
Disc 1

01. Grandma's Got A Motorcycle >
02. Fixxin' to Die
03. I'm So Glad
04. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You @$
05. Diggin' Up Bones
06. Planet Earth
07. Deep River Blues @ >
08. Working On A Building *
09. Nash *

Set 2
Disc 2

01. Beggin' You To Stay #
02. Niagara Falls %
03. Basically Frightened >
04. Compared to What? >
05. Basically Frightened
06. No Egos Underwater
07. Destiny Unbound @
08. Yield Not To Temptation
09. Outside Out *@
10. Get To Know You Better
11. Lovelight

* - w/ Jenny Manson, tap dancer
@ - Mike Gordon on vocals
$ - Unknown guest Keyboardist (Page McConnell??)
# - Wierd cut in Beggin' and Niagara starts abruptly
% - Niagara came to me pretty butchered. I suspect the source gen CDR was scratched. I threw this track into
    Audacity and used Pop and Click remover and did my best to fix some of the really bad skips manually. It is
    not perfect but alot better.
? - Another point to note...some of these tracks were not tracked correctly and I fixed all the tracking issues.

This show featured Mike Gordon's movie, Outside Out before two sets from Bruce and the Boys with Mike on Guitar
for the majority of the show. Mike and the Codetalkers also jammed out Phish's Destiny Unbound, not heard since the
early 90's.

Show Checksums
619b2cc7449ad944e4c437b1b1b28dce *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t01.flac
035bfaa414eca27a10684c9a5ce17dee *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t02.flac
f7b09d1d7b02bea816d9b8345313acc8 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t03.flac
89af1b44fef2ee7929584477270a5b4e *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t04.flac
2e1385968697327d0b69ae769b0ec187 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t05.flac
49ac61c1b902d3beb1c40db694371ef6 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t06.flac
68a7e737e458fe6f7fb30fcdf2fee81d *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t07.flac
b8075cd84045a9b33ae18fc2d0507579 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t08.flac
a0efd25b23a5d1f9609ed38517a0680b *Codetalkers2001-04-11d1t09.flac
11eedef9a321e37ed36f859354c7a2f8 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t01.flac
fed000e75ba184d82d72e6b093c3ba69 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t02.flac
106164718979e0744c22721f939699a2 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t03.flac
2171371b474723eb17422193eedb6c2f *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t04.flac
c1e2d447baebb04d88bdfc44211c062d *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t05.flac
72151f3a90074e2f830f80df9def6d9e *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t06.flac
9e25731cc9f11180ded61d3d4a586cc9 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t07.flac
f684c4bd1391dea1d312cdaadb3f0b9a *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t08.flac
a73047744f1de70569cca44e8653bad4 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t09.flac
7f4ea78754f909e3b47b724615bfd339 *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t10.flac
7f86afe535ed827c1cd870c7dd81364d *Codetalkers2001-04-11d2t11.flac
ddd9a6206fd0d2355463a5aef0d4aa1b *Codetalkers2001-04-11info.txt

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