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North Mississippi Allstars 07/30/03
Sunoco Performance Theater, Harrisburg, PA
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Entered by vanark
Checksums nmas2003-07-30.md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AUD: Sony957>M1>DA20MKII>Soundforge 6.0>WAV>mkwACT>SHN 
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North Mississippi AllStars  
The Sunoco Performance Theater at the Whitaker Center for Science´┐Żand the Arts
Harrisburg, PA

Source: sony957 > m1 > da20mkII > Soundforge v6.0 > WAV > mkwACT > SHN
Notes: Missing first two songs.  

Taped by Larry Shartzer
Transferred by Steven Gatto [email protected]

1. I Got The Blues
2. My Leavin'
3. Freedom Highway > Eyes
4. Circle In The Sky > Never In All My Days
5. Up Over Yonder
6. I Wonder Why
7. Snakes In My Bushes
8. Ship
9. [band chatter]
10. Dragonslayer > Whiskey Rockaroller
11. Casey Jones
12. Psychedelic Sex Machine

Disc 2:

1. Conan
2. Be So Glad > ???
3. Shake Em On Down
4. [encore break]
5. I'm Leavin'
Show Checksums
6acfb901df77fff1018055dd992bc188 *nmas2003-07-30d1t03.shn
ac089ca67c4833c58ebdbdba1e1fd183 *nmas2003-07-30d1t04.shn
b8869cdabf70e12480623c31dda1f12a *nmas2003-07-30d1t05.shn
93f46c6ad8f2897e7e5ee887ac468031 *nmas2003-07-30d1t06.shn
30eaa17a5a7888c243c8f95fc5bd2418 *nmas2003-07-30d1t07.shn
44c5b782acad3b9a8c96411c438f0669 *nmas2003-07-30d1t08.shn
1670cebac7a0346d96486a8968d18586 *nmas2003-07-30d1t09.shn
b233730e2ad16b849cbb34f598616528 *nmas2003-07-30d1t10.shn
48543fbccdf2f83771ea8495ee3a3bd9 *nmas2003-07-30d1t11.shn
279f4a0dd92230c6fba581e31571bdc3 *nmas2003-07-30d1t12.shn
987cc27b01f6b405eade3a694c58645f *nmas2003-07-30d2t01.shn
70411b243530dddfd5e1a9277a850a1a *nmas2003-07-30d2t02.shn
554f78585180a6d6bb84fceee6fbe4c3 *nmas2003-07-30d2t03.shn
f66579cb191b2a39977d4cb116b37c56 *nmas2003-07-30d2t04.shn
cd250a3550d940b715a9d2ec8899e463 *nmas2003-07-30d2t05.shn
b3a470453364d2316ad7ca0c2f0b0379 *nmas2003-07-30d1t01.shn
5322ef1cb9cbe6b70919bc5923f9c530 *nmas2003-07-30d1t02.shn

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