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Disco Biscuits 11/10/00
Irving Plaza, New York, NY
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AkG480ck61 xy -> Lunatec V2 30gain -> GP ADC20 -> DA-P1; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 -> Prodif32-> RedRoaster -> CD Wave -> shn; Taped, Transferred and Encoded by Nick Colovos. 
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Taped by Nick Colovos
Band: The Disco Biscuits
Venue: Irving Plaza, New York City, NY
Source:Microphones AkG480'ck61  xy  tapers section
Pre-amp: Lunatec V2 30gain
Analog > digital Converter : Grand Patten ADC20
Decks: Dap1 > Sony PCM-R500
SoundCard: Prodif32
Software: RedRoaster > CD Wave > shn
Burner: Yamaha2100s
encoded: Nick Colovos

Set 1


Track1: Banter
Track2: Helicopters
Track3: Svenghali
Track4: Banter
Track5: Shelby Rose
Track6: Story Of the World
Track7: Banter
Track8: Wet

Set 2


Track1: Warm up
Track2: Munchkin Invasion>
Track3: Confrontation>
Track4: Munchkin Invasion>
Track5: House Dog Party Favor
Track6: Banter


Track1: Floodlights>
Track2: Pat and Dex
Track3: Crowd into Encore
Track4: Plan B>
Track5: Aceetobee
Show Checksums
b47a2f42e055f9354e54e6b5de3cbd5c *db00-11-10d1t3.shn
a5b2a9202195649045914eaa74dc687a *db00-11-10d1t2.shn
514fe1c758940aa88a9f86db090360a9 *db00-11-10d1t1.shn
d3d8bbdf8844fb31823b8aed41af32ca *db00-11-10d1t4.shn
8df673f7968272cd03c62819e5d8398a *db00-11-10d1t5.shn
348c1db46a7f341637daa547744e8f28 *db00-11-10d1t6.shn
ef644870e4c98a78c585d40d0104112d *db00-11-10d1t7.shn
6f8d9d98f3ca6c32998204190f739107 *db00-11-10d1t8.shn
8826ba3bae2b55e0e33dc514f777cd6e *db00-11-10d2t3.shn
1823d453540903f7dcf368000976cf2d *db00-11-10d2t2.shn
a562df400af03fca2b0f0f75d4bfda5b *db00-11-10d2t1.shn
ebb75fc15e27c253b13f03573d25eed9 *db00-11-10d2t4.shn
fa53adbeb5a0719844a2772e670b6eec *db00-11-10d2t5.shn
66fa6c9c21ba1e2ce6558c0a28d3fda6 *db00-11-10d2t6.shn
ecb307fc1d6a23bf213a0295e8d26e1d *db00-11-10d3t5.shn
b8baac6cba0c60daf7028a68d4ece12c *db00-11-10d3t2.shn
fbbfa216e53f8e663f977ca223bdae86 *db00-11-10d3t3.shn
937a9f0038c5b2a5ceeabbb0d7bec4a5 *db00-11-10d3t4.shn
920f3ea06afba5d9fd363af905c95561 *db00-11-10d3t1.shn

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