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Disco Biscuits 03/19/99
Mango Grille, Madison, WI
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG C3000 (Hypercard) -> Lunatec V2 30gain -> GP ADC20 -> DA-P1; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 -> Prodif32-> RedRoaster -> CD Wave -> shn; Taped, Transferred and Encoded by Nick Colovos. 
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Tape by Nick Colovos

Band: The Disco Biscuits
Venue: Mango Grille - Madison, WI
Source:Microphones AkGC3000 Hypercardiod
Pre-amp: Lunatec V2  30 gain
Analog > digital Converter : Grand Patten ADC20
Decks: Dap1 > Sony PCM-R500
SoundCard: Prodif32
Software: RedRoaster > CD Wave > shn
Burner: Yamaha2100s for those who can't trade via net
encoded by Nick Colovos

Track1: Banter
Track2: Helicopters
Track3: Banter
Track4: Radiator
Track5: Three Wishes
Track6: Bazaar Escape>
Track7: Aceetobee


Track1: The Very Moon>
Track2: Shem Rah Boo


Track1: Banter
Track2: Pygmy Tywlyte
Track3: Banter
Track4: Awol's Blues
Track5: Mulberry's Dream
Track6: Banter
Track7: Magellan
Show Checksums
4f628ced660562b9dd5f80943b027626 *db1999-03-19d1t1.shn
66f81bd7ef8dd81751d50c6770417f2d *db1999-03-19d1t2.shn
8d2c6ed7065f23ab72355ff546e9bf21 *db1999-03-19d1t3.shn
4213bd4f027e6a76ed70e453854b5902 *db1999-03-19d1t4.shn
3fb33343eace20c239db3c7ef7d4d721 *db1999-03-19d1t5.shn
9dbceb0f3662af35aea20ec2b811a255 *db1999-03-19d1t6.shn
26b6c4fcebc17b44da5b9845d3bdd3f9 *db1999-03-19d1t7.shn
c55e75dfb9a6b005c90bfaaf0c9c54bc *db1999-03-19d2t1.shn
be8f6458d7cf4382da20851eab96dfee *db1999-03-19d2t2.shn
a98baa5e2c9d8cbf2cc7a5e14db13fcd *db1999-03-19d3t1.shn
cc198a80315e0cf90adba0c7da7a64ea *db1999-03-19d3t2.shn
ce009b87ff83b7b23fd8306a1cb63019 *db1999-03-19d3t3.shn
61657c4c30b7544693dd7b1b6cfa6416 *db1999-03-19d3t4.shn
086b8aef8a35aaa0795812cce491a17e *db1999-03-19d3t5.shn
8b7f8e0d62f43e2e36a1cc51ad0b83bf *db1999-03-19d3t6.shn
df200677d03c329786ea6038c3b99da1 *db1999-03-19d3t7.shn

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AKG C3000s>Lunatec V2>ADC20... (2) Source: AKG C3000 > Lunatec... (0)
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