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Grateful Dead 12/12/81
Fiesta Hall, San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary flac16; Recording Details: Soundboard -> Master Reel -> DAT(4); Transfer Details: DAT(4) > Panasonic sv-3700 (spdif out)->Lynx L22 AES/EBU (spdif in)-> Soundforge 8.0 16bit/48kHz wav 
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Grateful Dead
Saturday December 12, 1981
Dance for Disarmament
Fiesta Hall, San Mateo County Fairgrounds
San Mateo, California

GEMS Provider: From the Collection of Chris 'Kip' Nestler
chris DOT nestler AT gmail DOT com
goodoldaze at LL and JP

Recording Details
Soundboard -> Master Reel -> DAT(4)

Transfer Details
Transfer by Chris 'Kip' Nestler March 2007
DAT(4) > Panasonic sv-3700 (spdif out)->
Lynx L22 AES/EBU (spdif in)-> Soundforge 8.0 16bit/48kHz wav

Facilitated through the BD GEMS server with grate appreciation.

Editing Details
All editing and mastering done in wavelab 6.0 by jamie waddell [email protected]   16/44.1  SBE FREE

- this DAT was not perfect, but no sbd circulates
- reel was paused between songs causing many minor speed fluctuations at various points.  Very Listenable.
- digi-snits, tunings, missing crowd, and parts of a few tunes patched with shnid 14011
- minglewood mixed on fly when recorded, levels restored as best as possible

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+-  March 2007
What's in your closet?

Partial SET 1 Acoustic
d1t01 - Oh Boy  
d1t02 - Lady Di and I*  
d1t03 - The Boxer*  

d1t04 - New Minglewood Blues** >  
d1t05 - Little Red Rooster**  
d1t06 - Deep Elem Blues  
d1t07 - Me and My Uncle >  
d1t08 - Mexicali Blues  
d1t09 - Dire Wolf
d1t10 - Cold Rain and Snow
d1t11 - Around and Around** >  
d1t12 - One More Saturday Night  

d1t13 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue***  

* Taping Compendium indicates these songs are without Jerry
** Taping Compendium indicates these songs are with Matthew Kelly
*** Taping Compendium indicates this song is without Jerry & Brent

flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
generated on March 18, 2007, at 12:39 pm
    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE problems filename
     4:25.65       46898924    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t01.flac
     5:28.16       57896876    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t02.flac
     5:57.68       63134780    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t03.flac
     7:35.50       80379644    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t04.flac
     8:12.53       86913500    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t05.flac
     5:39.13       59830220    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t06.flac
     3:04.46       32565836    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t07.flac
     4:50.07       51172508    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t08.flac
     2:59.24       31632092    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t09.flac
     6:33.53       69449900    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t10.flac
     3:41.13       39015020    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t11.flac
     5:24.07       57170108    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t12.flac
     5:50.63       61888220    ---   --   ---xx   gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t13.flac
    69:43.28      737947628 B                     (totals for 13 files, 0.5274 overall compression ratio)

who are the grateful dead and why do they keep following me?
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d5469e4ae6e418d649cdb09ac24bbebd *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t01.flac
b0b1fbdf86de5faa4b56b6613ceb7691 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t02.flac
9e31a7a4bdbf4085cba000c6e162f662 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t03.flac
c1b685c75f243559f20900ac219ac641 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t04.flac
89bfa447e2735fa400653feb54f9f18d *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t05.flac
ba09d0de15ae5c39eca05b8e0de5ef3b *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t06.flac
6dec26060ddd7c8305989db3632db887 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t07.flac
a105fec6cc5aae6b9952497c5002b8f1 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t08.flac
5d1d88ed1f2c4d102ede86f360c91b07 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t09.flac
d544c0c12415ac5a9a0e1e8fd7241d43 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t10.flac
55f3bb150aa98a2e2e74dce62378fe7b *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t11.flac
85625ce48f5fe23dc05eb66f60d63766 *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t12.flac
ab86a0fa4d794aa5d4d25e63c710d05f *gd1981.GEMS.SBD.Nestler.t13.flac

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MAC w/ Nak 300's>Sony... (1) flac24; Source Info:... (0) flac16/48kHz; Source... (0)
Date User Comment
03/19/2007 btet Around and Around cuts in at 1st "..goin' 'round and 'round'".
06/06/2007 charlie miller I have a hard time believing that this is actually a master reel. It sounds like it has a few analog gens in there.
06/10/2007 Jens_Alex And weren't the masters made on cassette at this time, btw?