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Disco Biscuits 11/30/01
Five Points Music Hall, Birmingham, AL
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG480 ck61 ->Lunatec V2 ->AD2K; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 ->Prodif32 ->Red Roaster ->CDWav ->SHN; Taped by Nick Colovos; Encoding by Kevin Hughes 
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The Disco Biscuits
Five Points Music Hall
Birmingham, AL
November 30, 2001

Source: AKG480 ck61 ->Lunatec V2 ->AD2k
Transfer:  Sony PCM-R500 ->Prodif32 ->Red Roaster ->CDWav ->SHN
Taped by Nick Colovos  Encoding by Kevin Hughes

Disc 1
1.  Intro
2.  Sister Judy's Soul Shack
3.  Svenghali>
4.  Reactor(1)>
5.  Svenghali
6.  Mr. Don>
7.  Hot Air Balloon

Disc 2
1.  Banter
2.  King Of The World
3.  Shem-Rah Boo>
4.  Story Of The World(1)>
5.  Floes

Disc 3
1.  Bring It On Home
2.  Magellan
3.  And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night
4.  applause
5.  Frog Legs
6.  Bernstein And Chasnoff

1 Inverted version
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ae83ee22e16b813526e385781b8c11b3 *db01-11-30d1t7.shn
548347d58f41d2c61c630c573667b6e4 *db01-11-30d1t2.shn
657b48e671743939da769c24dd00500c *db01-11-30d1t3.shn
12a3b3bcba44f986f3792d4f74b1c9f6 *db01-11-30d1t4.shn
6a918d13694790acc0756b2d4b2dae79 *db01-11-30d1t5.shn
914fe4ff8fa91a986b28fa225313cbe0 *db01-11-30d1t6.shn
8cfd38a1047b347784c0cb36af52ee46 *db01-11-30d1t1.shn
991283f7e900fafa444776e586d221c4 *db01-11-30d2t5.shn
f5463e7de7bbbb43a2cd2fa38b4d5922 *db01-11-30d2t2.shn
e94c81ddede251ee59ff663f91879836 *db01-11-30d2t3.shn
89fbb6e4cab94a814079fb659373f9b3 *db01-11-30d2t4.shn
328864e9cccce592d6ca1ffd4bb77d10 *db01-11-30d2t1.shn
28c6a4ff9b6e95b09bbbcc32750d9f2e *db01-11-30d3t6.shn
bbd82b9ac92e0e5328bb4cc5abea7311 *db01-11-30d3t2.shn
1597d6b24d53448f4d70da5efee0056e *db01-11-30d3t3.shn
196eceed73afdcf9b17e46d483f711d3 *db01-11-30d3t4.shn
776bb2cc49f3e8901e5b6e6a43209121 *db01-11-30d3t5.shn
d989ccdc477e04f9d7c0965d0635631b *db01-11-30d3t1.shn

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