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Disco Biscuits 12/01/01
The Roxy, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary AkG480/ck61 -> Lunatec V2 (30gain w/ #2 rolloff on) -> AD2K+ -> DA-P1; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 -> Prodif32 -> RedRoaster > CDWave -> shn; Taped and Transferred by Nick Colovos 
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Tape by Nick Colovos

Venue: The Roxy  -  Atlanta, GA
Source:Microphones AkG480'ck61
Pre-amp: Lunatec V2 30gain with #2 rolloff on
Analog > digital Converter : SONIC AD2K16nn2
Decks: Dap1 > Sony PCM-R500
SoundCard: Prodif32
Software: RedRoaster > CD Wave > shn
Burner: Yamaha2100s for those who can't trade via net
encoded by Nick Colovos


Track1: The Very Moon>
Track2: 7-11>
Track3: Confrontation>
Track4: Sound One>
Track5: Munchkin Invasion


Track1: Banter
Track2: Three Days


Track1: Jigsaw Earth
Track2: Little Shimmy In A Congo Line
Track3: Jamillia
Track4: Little Betty Boop
Track5: Jigsaw Earth


Track1: Banter
Track2: Shelby Rose
Track3: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Faries
Track4: Waiting For James
Track5: Home Again
Show Checksums
1b67a4da29e1ae0f3582bb5e364ad7fd *db01-12-01d1t2.shn
28dd0165d34af7debd9c98a4383ebd54 *db01-12-01d1t1.shn
9699608c99fe28ce0d2467c5fd90c488 *db01-12-01d1t3.shn
f5ffbbf823aed3f7ff2e65d01b6bea21 *db01-12-01d1t4.shn
ea3df8c29f5b1bae5d6aff282353c4c3 *db01-12-01d1t5.shn
132024cc404a20ca75bc50cb2ecb0687 *db01-12-01d2t1.shn
dcf894461a1ddc4be758dc82ef9ad07b *db01-12-01d2t2.shn
34f3578e4680e31e13471a845c5c4fd1 *db01-12-01d3t3.shn
896ae3d0939965770931cfc24659bc94 *db01-12-01d3t2.shn
192243846e50ee9e7dc89a2168973612 *db01-12-01d3t1.shn
1e59df4e67729f252303bd24a5aa9231 *db01-12-01d3t4.shn
1c99637ceb2133a05c6853ac89583831 *db01-12-01d3t5.shn
f230167e3dacefaf377fa4cc4121f416 *db01-12-01d4t3.shn
32961ca18c7ecff71299f9bfe1996848 *db01-12-01d4t2.shn
b77d45061376cd588a1a508cec25b7d2 *db01-12-01d4t1.shn
2540ccb224018b62aaced799a1e5d49b *db01-12-01d4t4.shn
6ab161ae7d34e8e4e306359ff594a09d *db01-12-01d4t5.shn

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Date User Comment
07/13/2004 Mike Pederson This source is missing a whole chunk of Jigsaw. Just one person claims to have audio discs of this source, and no one has SHNs. As The Disco Biscuits Admin, I'd like to delete this source, but I can't until Ryan and Ollie delete it from their list.

Nick Colovos has retransferred this source's tapes. Please seek out that transfer and disregard this one.