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Disco Biscuits 08/20/99
TuneTown Campgrounds, Cherrytree, PA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary AKG C3000 (Hypercard) -> Lunatec V2 (25gain; disc 1 is 30 gain) -> GP ADC20 -> DA-P1; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 -> Prodif32-> RedRoaster -> CD Wave -> shn; Taped, Transferred and Encoded by Nick Colovos. 
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Tape by Nick Colovos

Band: The Disco Biscuits
Venue:Tune Town, Cherry Tree, PA
Source:Microphones AkG480'ck61 mic position: NOS
Pre-amp: Lunatec V2 25gain ,  disc 1 is 30 gain
Analog > digital Converter : Grand Patten ADC20
Decks: Dap1 > Sony PCM-R500
SoundCard: Prodif32
Software: RedRoaster > CD Wave > shn
Burner: Yamaha2100s for those who can't trade via net
encoded by Nick Colovos

Disc1  30gain

Track1: Banter
Track2: Stone>
Track3: Devil's Waltz>
Track4: Plan B>
Track5: Devil's Waltz


Track1: Banter
Track2: M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>
Track3: Vassillios>
Track4: Pat and Dex
Track5: Banter
Track6: Magellan


Track1: Banter
Track2: Once The Fiddler Paid
Track3: Spaga>
Track4: Mindless Dribble>
Track5: Bernstein and Chasnoff


Track1: Banter
Track2: Nughuffer
TracK3: Haleakala Crater>
Track4: Magellan Reprise

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d9c6ebc78873d56f961bab096e358ac8 *db99-08-20d1t2.shn
9547d9a797c2895c82edd0de70e8beae *db99-08-20d1t1.shn
3336f75054bf812b6b8281b31a2ec453 *db99-08-20d1t3.shn
76ee3e6aba2f406ae3bea384f4c9d1cc *db99-08-20d1t4.shn
68082d44b1da41739366ab620e1972e7 *db99-08-20d1t5.shn
463216b732d04fdbbe2d4b45cd7c9b5f *db99-08-20d2t3.shn
682fee7a3144b3fe98be939e338096a5 *db99-08-20d2t2.shn
8057099b9e364764b5a4f19952484246 *db99-08-20d2t1.shn
d48ca1fbf1e4a0711dd90a283ff97fd9 *db99-08-20d2t4.shn
eb44bc0f273ba44581185d002c2eaadc *db99-08-20d2t5.shn
7d03a6f91cd8f24f15fcd61fc032c67c *db99-08-20d2t6.shn
8eec702187960aaddc8225f05df2d900 *db99-08-20d3t3.shn
80dbec16d1f2c1ab50f4736d5880003c *db99-08-20d3t2.shn
d2f441fd32af9239cc3d3a6fcfb9d5e0 *db99-08-20d3t1.shn
82f63b2445ff7b4c37e02337e60b2345 *db99-08-20d3t4.shn
113e5b98e9fa80ec3f21c5949ed06d26 *db99-08-20d3t5.shn
86e4a4cfdd42011192f73a0567d6bc54 *db99-08-20d4t3.shn
ba86e4d27f3212090076b5990c9ef286 *db99-08-20d4t2.shn
545172987c27b0c38c257643805ec98e *db99-08-20d4t1.shn
c605471c6b5cc152db048322335bf64a *db99-08-20d4t4.shn
443b97b46dedae7ca758e13b2e739729 *db99-08-20d4t5.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source: AKG480'ck61(NOS... (0) AKG C-1000's > Samson... (0)
Date User Comment
05/06/2002 Nick Colovos Its not akgc3000. Its Akg480'sck61. N0S