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Solar Circus 12/05/95
UMBC Campus, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by Michael Townshend
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Source Summary Source: Bands Archive DAT Master <=>Dan Tepper's Matrix Recording<=> (SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix) See below for transfer, mastering, etc... 
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Solar Circus
1995-12-05 ***
UNBC Campus
Baltimore, MD

*** This date was originally archived and distributed as 02/xx/1995.  Info received that this date was actually as above.

^^Opener for God Street Wine^^

Source:  Bands Archive DAT Master
Dan Tepper: Sound Engineer
<=>Dan Tepper's - Matrix Recording<=>
(SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix)

Tansfer/Mastering: Panasonic SV-3800 -> Berringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 -> Presonus Tube Pre-Amp -> BBE 882i -> FW-410 (Apogee SPDIF) -> M-Audio 1010LT -> wavelab @16/44.1 (levels check/adjust) -> CDwave -> flacfrontend L8 -> Checksums/shntool via. Traders Little Helper

Tom Donovan: Lead Vocals Guitar
Mark Diomede: Vocals Lead Guitar
Charles Mitchell: Drums  
Jason Crosby: Keyboards, Fiddle
Kevin Kopak: Bass

1. Circle of Light -> [05:32]
2. Stems & Seeds -> [05:17]
3. The Coast -> [04:30]
4. Hungry Moon [04:10]
5. Not Yet -> [03:54]
6. Drums -> [00:52]
7. One More Time -> [10:40]
8. Come The Daybreak # [08:53]
9. Shades of Blue [04:03]

Total [47:02]

# Tom D. "in studio to record new album tomorrow"

Transferred, mastered and lossless compression by [email protected]

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+- March 2007
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solar1995-xx-xx.d1t01-Circle of Light.flac:90105fe9b3a3f1c0a1dd43b6df67cb27
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t02-Stems & Seeds.flac:9a189969e68104dc4a8da202cbb23a16
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t03-The Coast.flac:6e7d4182b99e0f97f24dd0d0caaf51b0
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t04-Hungry Moon.flac:9682779bf32d0d0513a42b962c6c1b2b
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t05-Not Yet.flac:fc8e173e227013148a49063aee2f8c23
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t07-One More Time.flac:bc4187d971487f40776bf23beece3714
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t08-Come The Daybreak.flac:65546c78d5367807f40a340ff0159e66
solar1995-xx-xx.d1t09-Shades of Blue.flac:3ca63e20dfa6bdb47e9d559a688d9238
8099c61a98edfd9a1b660213969ea7f0 *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t01-Circle of Light.flac
ff897924fc069281a0719ee3448b091a *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t02-Stems & Seeds.flac
9ecc21f7477535100917fcec461f3b01 *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t03-The Coast.flac
d18fdf2a3f7dd3c1a14ef5c7b72a856b *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t04-Hungry Moon.flac
08016eb23bd07b5becc519ecef9872d7 *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t05-Not Yet.flac
28b1cb3106c311973645039acbffa3f9 *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t06-Drums.flac
2f7f96e39cf410a3ad088bf5d90e6f34 *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t07-One More Time.flac
04e41ff7dacceb31ec8449b06a41e76e *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t08-Come The Daybreak.flac
07addbbc0a84dc9d60e9c7c9017a209d *solar1995-xx-xx.d1t09-Shades of Blue.flac

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