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Solar Circus 08/14/93
Stonehenge, Cristiana, PA
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Entered by Michael Townshend
Checksums ffp-all , md5-all
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Bands Archive DAT Master (sbd) See info for transfer and mastering lineage 
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Solar Circus
StoneHenge Festival
Christiana, PA

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Show"

Source:  Bands Archive DAT Master (sbd)

Tansfer/Mastering: Panasonic SV-3800 -> Berringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 -> Presonus Tube Pre-Amp -> BBE 882i -> Berringer Pro 8 Digital ADA8000 -> Optical out -> M-Audio CO2 -> SPDIF -> M-Audio 1010LT -> wavelab @ 16/44 (iZotope Ozone3,levels check/adjust) -> CDwave -> flacfrontend L8 -> Checksums/shntool via. Traders Little Helper

Mark Diomede: Vocals Lead Guitar
Tom Donovan: Lead Vocals Rhythm Guitar
Charles Mitchell: Drums, Vocals ^-^
Gus Vigo: Keyboards
Kevin Kopak: Bass
Dan Tepper: Sound Engineer

^\Set One/^
**Disk 1***
1. Twilight Dance -> * [02:11]
2. Stonehenge Space -> [05:37]
3. Twilight Dance -> [03:44]
4. Better Things [08:42]
5. Festival -> [09:30]
6. Stems & Seeds [07:48]
7. Sugar Magnolia [07:07]
8. Technical Break [02:40]
Disk 1 Time [47:12]

**Disk 2***
1. The Coast -> [06:01]
2. Mountain Marlane (Refrain) [02:43]
3. Tangled Up in Blue -> [09:32]
4. Let it Go [09:28]
5. Nothing Stays The Same [06:34]
6. Aiko Aiko [07:37]
7. Daybreak -> [08:33]
8. Stonehenge Space -> [03:33]
9. Into Tomorrow [08:16]
Disk 2 Time [62:25]
Total Set 1 Time [01:49:06]  

^\Set Two/^
**Disk 3***
1. Vamping / Tuning [02:47]
2. No Woman No Cry ^-^ [08:47]
3. Minglewood # [09:08]
4. Eyes of The World ->   [14:12]
5. Lovelight [10:38]

6. Announcement / Vamping [03:01]
7. Late in the Evening -> [07:07]
8. All Here Together // [01:16]

Total Set 2 / Disk 3 time [58:31]  

Total Show Time [02:47:37]

* Twilight Dance typically has a space in the middle, but I chose to break out this one due to it's voracity.
# Rum Runners Members join in, but I don't think they were piped into this mix, just the PA, I do remember hearing them.

There is some static, since this was an outdoor improvised stage, the grounding may have been compromised, it' only noticable during the silent parts and didn't warrent any wavelab adjustments IMO.

This was one of the many fond memories of the band and the "gatherings" they inspired.  The main thing to focus on here when anlyzing the sound quality, is that this was a weekend long gathering of several hundred people who by Saturday evening had wafted themselves into a sporatic peak of lysergic energy.  Most everyone who attended and performed were in quite a pickle ;)

The sound this evening was really good, the equipment large enough to get the music to spread the dozen or so acres everyone was spreadout doin' their own thing. Every piece of land around was owned and farmed by the very strict Amish community.  (betweeen you and I, those folks can party ;)). I think some of the band got into the punch bowl on friday with the rest and I thank em' fer that, cause this gathering was the best place to experiment.  None the less this is incredibly documented and is very "error" free in lieu of getting things just exactly perfect.

The most telling, the aud and announcer's request fer one more...that died off into the announcer and audience, just dropping the idea ;)

One of my faves :)


Transferred, mastered and lossless compression by [email protected]

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+- March 2007
Show Checksums
solar2003-08-14d1t01-Twilight Dance.flac:23af2a9c842374bf88474837cd0752b3
solar2003-08-14d1t02-Stonehenge Space.flac:b9cd854d48e07d8a47e990e4f9ac98ed
solar2003-08-14d1t03-Twilight Dance.flac:156cd59da551d83ae3483407ff4ce845
solar2003-08-14d1t04-Better Things.flac:f34e9691998b6d935090cf3c4f316339
solar2003-08-14d1t06-Stems & Seeds.flac:3f56e6bf6a7a3979e59f67073aaf7c86
solar2003-08-14d1t07-Sugar Magnolia.flac:62731886b9a1fad869fcbd8144a95764
solar2003-08-14d1t08-Technical Break.flac:4033264c6d52cf08fd01187e1143b4ce
solar2003-08-14d2t01-The Coast.flac:6310bafaf915a6a3ca554154cfc9fa1e
solar2003-08-14d2t02-Mountain Marlane (Refrain).flac:c5052d440c3641ebe1076d0ffedeb4d1
solar2003-08-14d2t03-Tangled Up in Blue.flac:2031a2f2685626a1dd37adc3a37a1624
solar2003-08-14d2t04-Let it Go.flac:f289bdf125a8466a0f17b336eb98ed0b
solar2003-08-14d2t05-Nothing Stays The Same.flac:4794f4664d73f50e5e81e2ea8b12c640
solar2003-08-14d2t06-Aiko Aiko.flac:46fa6fda8036ea4c3e67e756af7d822a
solar2003-08-14d2t08-Stonehenge Space.flac:728cc0671ea4c80ec109c36ab9a47d40
solar2003-08-14d2t09-Into Tomorrow.flac:1da30655275293e0964a53b1a5385553
solar2003-08-14d3t02-No Woman No Cry.flac:a67df08abba0807525dd5eb35472c19a
solar2003-08-14d3t04-Eyes of The World.flac:9e129d371755bc0a11ef63ad885a1203
solar2003-08-14d3t07-Late in the Evening.flac:feb7b60b53679b1fdb8983a8fc35a404
solar2003-08-14d3t08-All Here Together.flac:563b783d548ac9583d58f2f9472a8eae
f6d3f3d2cad69c376e242a3109055aa4 *solar2003-08-14d1t01-Twilight Dance.flac
5969e3275b6ae5106c23ef042f22618f *solar2003-08-14d1t02-Stonehenge Space.flac
dabc65a48edf4630f87f50ed1cecaf42 *solar2003-08-14d1t03-Twilight Dance.flac
301dc9f1df3d5dd4c1db2724bd47aad2 *solar2003-08-14d1t04-Better Things.flac
c4d6b41c3f39434a03c5f0a9fd68ed53 *solar2003-08-14d1t05-Festival.flac
a4b407a821fa4a9397482d954a76bc76 *solar2003-08-14d1t06-Stems & Seeds.flac
5126567f73e92e3985f1c12d16ee6838 *solar2003-08-14d1t07-Sugar Magnolia.flac
ffac39fe7096f105d9f39300cd0600d5 *solar2003-08-14d1t08-Technical Break.flac
722474dfe68568f60c8990f1a0243a54 *solar2003-08-14d2t01-The Coast.flac
fa2a71e2d32667b3c701558bc07083e6 *solar2003-08-14d2t02-Mountain Marlane (Refrain).flac
192091c6d9c8201bcf67b49a5ccd6ddf *solar2003-08-14d2t03-Tangled Up in Blue.flac
2fb36d7919e3845b1bb44fdc357779f7 *solar2003-08-14d2t04-Let it Go.flac
ea4ab4e23c6879b53850fe9082668789 *solar2003-08-14d2t05-Nothing Stays The Same.flac
9cc50efcd636945cebe34b205c10ad88 *solar2003-08-14d2t06-Aiko Aiko.flac
98126c002669f66fd4a861de024eccce *solar2003-08-14d2t07-Daybreak.flac
d413b376b83ec68b16794914f051cbd8 *solar2003-08-14d2t08-Stonehenge Space.flac
3461999d3f526f598f7b0032b25f62db *solar2003-08-14d2t09-Into Tomorrow.flac
484a86a7fffb57cdb7c98874339931aa *solar2003-08-14d3t01-Vamping.Tuning.flac
82e3e6d2cc0f3830594b8a63db9fa2a4 *solar2003-08-14d3t02-No Woman No Cry.flac
40346ee4117a26f3d31eea21d88bc434 *solar2003-08-14d3t03-Minglewood.flac
b0d8a578f08a193915c3e441298c1cbd *solar2003-08-14d3t04-Eyes of The World.flac
c7b65623fe6d59cc4a5f541de8248e69 *solar2003-08-14d3t05-Lovelight.flac
866abe0c4750dbe439e356240683f852 *solar2003-08-14d3t06-Announcement.Vamping.flac
9139bc43df801d9d0f1f0eab76ac43d3 *solar2003-08-14d3t07-Late in the Evening.flac
31b5fff4363ba4017f45bd11acddddfa *solar2003-08-14d3t08-All Here Together.flac

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