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Phish 10/18/96
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
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Source Summary AUD Matrix [Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Sonosax SX-M2 > SV-255 > BTP + Bootleg]; WAV > Cakewalk Home Studio > FLAC 
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Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA

2 Source AUD Matrix (50/50)

Source 1:  Schoeps cmc64>Sonosax SX-M2>SV-255>BTP @ 48 kHz

     Transfer:  DA20mkII>Audio Magic Presto II>ZA2>Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1)>CDWav>.shn
          Transfer and encoding by Eric McRoberts

          Decoded to wav using TLH

Source 2:  Illegal Bootleg CD, Titled: 'Seed Pitts'
     Unknown AUD recording
          Original CDs > EAC > Wav  

Matrix by OctopusRider using Cakewalk Home Studio 2004
          Both sources: Wav > Cakewalk Home Studio > Wav > Flac

DISC 1                                     67:37
01 Runaway Jim                             09:19
02 Guelah Papyrus                          05:26
03 Old Home Place                          02:53
04 Cars Trucks Buses                       03:35
05 Stash                                   11:38
06 Strange Design                          02:51
07 The Divided Sky                         14:10
08 Billy Breathes                          05:03
09 Taste                                   07:27
10 Sample in a Jar                         05:10

DISC 2                                     73:18
01 Suzy Greenberg                          06:22
02 Maze                                    12:10
03 You Enjoy Myself                        21:01
04 Reba                                    14:30
05 Waste                                   05:32
06 Harry Hood                              13:41

DISC 3                                     08:33
01 Julius                                  08:33

Matrix Notes

Source 1 was decoded to wav using TLH. Both sources were aligned using Cakewalk Home Studio 2004.

Source 1 had better sounding bass than source 2. It also contained more recording from before/after the show and during the encore break. Source 2 had better highs and sounded more up close (possibly a FOB).

I did not alter or EQ the sound of either recording. Both sources had qualities that complimented the other and when put together they make for a really nice listen. Source 1 had better stereo separation and Source 2 had less crowd noise.

I added fades to smooth out the listening experience at the beginning of both sets, the end of set 1 and after of the encore.

-OctopusRider 2/07
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ph1996-10-18 d1t01.flac:e43ebe78511a32fdbf74962c2b7d46ec
ph1996-10-18 d1t02.flac:95c70c9093f2bdd0a7369dc6bdb2e369
ph1996-10-18 d1t03.flac:848bc86ed373297d9d8fad968a779cd3
ph1996-10-18 d1t04.flac:39d8644589c15c0be344f5f372671bb6
ph1996-10-18 d1t05.flac:8342e9ae5dfab703b0c24ab84baf4928
ph1996-10-18 d1t06.flac:36fef44e22713f37715dee928c48fcdf
ph1996-10-18 d1t07.flac:9227c1ff3d233a37c46232e9d7ef695c
ph1996-10-18 d1t08.flac:10e2e2d614922a1cb437e52e30053540
ph1996-10-18 d1t09.flac:1d7e934c7be4bbc21caa9ab656878c47
ph1996-10-18 d1t10.flac:4b67b6d1238141258233545bf7e8da86
ph1996-10-18 d2t01.flac:45ad449947d6c4baed888d2bc7d150a8
ph1996-10-18 d2t02.flac:e19f3d1980ab7ebfa8a85545374682c1
ph1996-10-18 d2t03.flac:693eae680cffc6010087e16ad65d4a3d
ph1996-10-18 d2t04.flac:e79c6281a069e335a9bc0188f4976354
ph1996-10-18 d2t05.flac:0568a7942c7b53ba99e155046744a337
ph1996-10-18 d2t06.flac:a072074d149cdfa2b33312974e2a2a8b
ph1996-10-18 d3t01.flac:ced96672392535807c81fba048e376ce

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