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Solar Circus 03/31/93
Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
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Entered by Michael Townshend
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Source Summary Source: Bands Archive DAT Master <=>Dan Tepper's - Matrix Recording<=> (SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix) See below for transfer and mastering info 
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Solar Circus
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Source:  Bands Archive DAT Master
Dan Tepper:Sound Engineer
<=>Dan Tepper's - Matrix Recording<=>
(SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix)

Tansfer/Mastering: Panasonic SV-3800 -> Berringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 -> Presonus Tube Pre-Amp ->

BBE 882i -> FW-410 (Apogee SPDIF) -> M-Audio 1010LT -> wavelab @16/44.1 (levels check/adjust) ->

CDwave -> flacfrontend L8 -> Checksums/shntool via. Traders Little Helper

Tom Donovan: Lead Vocals Guitar
Mark Diomede: Vocals Lead Guitar
Charles Mitchell: Drums  
Kenny Golguch: Bass
Vince Vigo: Keyboards

-/\-ONE SET-/\-

***CD One***
1. Tuning [01:53]
2. Three Bells [04:28]
3. Better Days -> [08:35]
4. Twilight Dance [11:18]
5. No Woman, No Cry [13:10]
6. Daybreak -> [06:06]
7. Festival [05:22]
8. Announcement [00:54]
Show Total: [45:55]

Transferred, mastered and lossless compression by [email protected]

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+- April 2007
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solar1993-03-31t102-Three Bells.flac:78b013617771426491dbccbf73651650
solar1993-03-31t103-Better Days.flac:fc098b438f52a0c0bb6d4b3472ea115b
solar1993-03-31t104-Twilight Dance.flac:c5b7d19131980215630d7083f6023f40
solar1993-03-31t105-No Woman, No Cry.flac:e6b91b618dd70d306e6470c0b1b04594
92bbd8a1ac6f3f95f2468f364b453403 *solar1993-03-31t101-Tuning.flac
2f043ff52e54392d02debb16cf30718d *solar1993-03-31t102-Three Bells.flac
c7ab47c6a8302e327381d7bd72d34977 *solar1993-03-31t103-Better Days.flac
e32291794c213cce4557bb61eafa51b4 *solar1993-03-31t104-Twilight Dance.flac
8ff6d1a4d246caa27f423d408201db11 *solar1993-03-31t105-No Woman, No Cry.flac
8bfcb3efc406fc6ad4beabc9b1b2278e *solar1993-03-31t106-Daybreak.flac
232a17c5f48b66e26dc3892d557a5171 *solar1993-03-31t107-Festival.flac
1496e0a1436697a6e3bdf5841178cd94 *solar1993-03-31t108-Announcement.flac

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