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Disco Biscuits 12/29/06
TLA, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by SailorSaint
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary B2-Pro (DFC) > R-4  
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The Disco Biscuits
December 29, 2006
Theater Of The Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA

Taped By: George Ewing

Source: B2-Pro (DFC) > R-4 (24/48)

Set I (Disc 1)

01. Crowd, Intro
02. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy >
03. Bernstein and Chasnoff >
04. Joy to the World > *
05. Vassillios >
06. Cyclone >
07. Bernstein and Chasnoff
08. Grass is Green

Set II (Disc 2)

01. Crowd
02. Reactor >
03. Save The Robots >
04. Confrontation >
05. Save The Robots >
06. Reactor
07. Banter

Set II cont'd (Disc 3)

01. Magellan
02. Encore Break
03. Spy (Encore)

* first time played (music by Lowell Mason, adapted from Handel's Messiah)
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8e4ad4ec451abf8b47be40701b01f002 *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t01.flac
45a94be993712f09d6b075c0ae3c4ba0 *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t02.flac
d42e063c396defe7b3af7b2409963232 *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t03.flac
b541bd9fe15262b7f7154b428c54e3b2 *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t04.flac
1c7561921ffb6d488cce7e9cb7db67fe *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t05.flac
7b718ff2737f34bf10e8f05d2358ddfb *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t06.flac
d4b56df387efafbde1c85f95470836cf *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t07.flac
7efbd1821eb224ec04910ba7e5c60996 *db2006-12-29.b2-pro.d1t08.flac
ed75d9a661c7a48a7f8437786e50b6cf *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t01.flac
e44c1aeff0954ae57b9535f773fa540d *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t02.flac
1d03c52a1ff40bb95f91831aed558b74 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t03.flac
85bfa11c2a568c595554eeefda23447d *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t04.flac
fcf38af105e1d95e7affa696c34bd442 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t05.flac
6841d14423db8fd223e3e77163f54901 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t06.flac
9ae6553d3c2af91ee6e7fd3606f550c5 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d2t07.flac
585d8432414ca32cfa73179faac2e208 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d3t01.flac
96e466b437cb77c73508220aefefe877 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d3t02.flac
cfad823a44e93eecdb0423e7e085c087 *db2006-12-29_b2-pro.d3t03.flac

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