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Disco Biscuits 02/22/06
Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
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Entered by SailorSaint
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Sansom C02 > M-Audio Pre > Dell D800 > Sound Forge 
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The Disco Biscuits
Fenruary 22, 2006
Rams Head
Baltimore, MD

Taped By: George Ewing ([email protected])

Source: Sansom C02 > M-Audio Pre > Dell D800 > Sound Forge

SET I (Disc 1)  
1. Crowd  
2. Astronaut  
3. Sweating Bullets  
4. Crystal Ball  
5. Shelby Rose  
6. Aceetobee    
Set II (Disc 2)  
1. Commercial Amen  
2. Caterpillar >  
3. The Great Abyss >  
4. Caterpillar  
5. Spacebirdmatingcall
6. Banter
(Disc 3)  
1. Strawberry Girl  
2. Save the Robots  
3. Encore Break  
4. I've Got A Feeling *  (Encore)  

*Beatles cover, first time played  

Reviewed by Nick Colovos and Brian Porter
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508e102fe79919f7fdad7a51da0e57d6 *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t01.flac
2bfe67324205a76249eb6145ab55b802 *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t02.flac
eed3cc097d13203aec2df92380f0160c *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t03.flac
dab98c98d7a98d6220da0ee1267545ea *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t04.flac
6c3f36d13c00fcfa8a31d4390c3c185d *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t05.flac
e7fdb985e403047bf2b767f00ee30d6c *db2006-02-22c02sfd1t06.flac
af674c8e4816e32b366c95e53a0542f0 *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t01.flac
d2bd592b5261a7c7ef19d81ac719f67c *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t02.flac
6cbe0208836acc5d843f417f1134338c *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t03.flac
c749aeb8fd617fbe23f2dbc78bb3348d *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t04.flac
182a12a11319176e1bba2fe3731f4a09 *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t05.flac
4d13521fce0cc32f5e43484cce1c5271 *db2006-02-22c02sfd2t06.flac
cad37968a5a5b56101eff19ab437be8d *db2006-02-22c02sfd3t01.flac
c856d96aa2967576aa5ce6817c1eb493 *db2006-02-22c02sfd3t02.flac
b9b18e9ad00abf0e3b51b41f7ef368d0 *db2006-02-22c02sfd3t03.flac
3fb1f653cef615ad4558a7929ddd64e4 *db2006-02-22c02sfd3t04.flac

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