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Gov't Mule 11/04/03
Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
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Source Summary Source: Unknown Audience Recording >Transfer: CD Wav(Plextor/PX-W1210A) >Flac Frontend(level8) 
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2003 - 11 - 04
Orlando, FL
Hard Rock Cafe

Warren Haynes - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Abts - Drums
Danny Louis - Keyboards
Andy Hess - Bass
guest on the show are :
Chris Robinson &
Paul Stacey

Taper : Unknown (Thanx :-)
Source: Unknown Audience Recording >
Transfer: CD Wav(Plextor/PX-W1210A)
>Flac Frontend(level8)
Seeded by BluesOxator (I`m not the taper)

From The German Mule-Junkies:
RoryGallagher (a.k.a. Axel)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)
"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project

CD - 1 -
01. Drivin' Rain
02. Painted Silver Light
03. I Believe
04. Empty Pages
05. Time To Confess
06. I Think You Know
      What I Mean
07 Towering Fool
08. Sco-Mule
09. Snatch It Back
      & Hold It (1)
10. Politician (2)

CD - 2 -
01. Which Way Do We Run?
02. Take Me To The River
03. Lay Of The Sunflower
04. Into The Mystic
05. 32-20 Blues (3)
06. Drums >
07. Jam
08. 30 Days In The Hole
09. Keyboard intro
10. Trampled Under Foot
encore :
11. Soulshine

Setlist Notes:
(1) Chris Robinson on vocals & harmonica, Paul Stacey on guitar
(2) Chris Robinson on vocals, Paul Stacey on guitar
(3) Paul Stacey on guitar
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gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr01.flac:4ebd007230ae8ed61b654e1764b58b54
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr02.flac:6eed4521bbe37612257f3a979eb7e48d
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr03.flac:82ff43ce6b3297719f8b6d9b776c7df7
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr04.flac:55ee96636beb9b9e1f1e10c3346f0351
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr05.flac:0bcbb90ff54f04dfabd26f1483e0d647
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr06.flac:7477c4e4e37b3229e9d5cf1565e5cdf5
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr07.flac:d1e12af27de13633a65e996140d7c95a
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr08.flac:e4528003e7c9a9b87b53867e7621d631
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr09.flac:8eb26db6ffca8c2e9a55be9feea98053
gm2003-11-04 CD1 tr10.flac:28d0e2bb19d1b7f3304b1302ed72b9fc
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr01.flac:4fe9a7097cd0ca51db58132437600239
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr02.flac:afff5473a497659b72827b1081f4a02c
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr03.flac:ff12de154439d6bbf1d42a81a8fa978c
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr04.flac:8078b465b460803fafef0a10b375bf72
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr05.flac:2d24d1435c9c0a963605db018d6b9561
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr06.flac:bba89751420f50e7d43255c1e1fd4824
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr07.flac:31d880f366ba18d8428c7c6dadb39f05
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr08.flac:0c2200722517c38d82f791caff3597b9
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr09.flac:5b83919117ae2fcebe08be0b5aa6aba7
gm2003-11-04 CD2 tr10.flac:c2e27869a129d2c37b94a65c097ba6c3
gm1997-11-14 CD2 tr12.flac:c739fc7623a945254ae19a13a15d3c8e

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