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Disco Biscuits 09/23/06
Patrick Gymnasium (University of Vermont), Burlington, VT
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Source Summary dpa4022 > M-Audio Pre > Dell D800 > Sound Forge 
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The Disco Biscuits
September 23, 2006
Patrick Gymnasium (University of Vermont)
Burlington, VT

Taped By: Scott Schneider

Source: dpa4022 > M-Audio Pre > Dell D800 > Sound Forge

Mastered By: Rich Steele

Set List

Set I (Disc 1)

01. Tuning
02. Little Lai
03. Above the Waves *
04. Sweating Bullets
05. Confrontation
06. Pilin' It High
07. Therapy

Set II (Disc 2)

01. Magellan Reprise
02. Boom Shanker ->
03. Basis For A Day ->
04. Tempest ->
05. Nughuffer -> **
06. Basis For A Day

Set II cont'd (Disc 3)

01. Banter
02. I've Got A Feelin' (The Beatles) (Encore) ***
03. Home Again (Encore) ***

* Sean Hennesey sat in from this point forward as a "special guest percussionist"
** inverted
*** with Tom Hamilton of Brothers Past on guitar and vocals
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109e3f0b2b73ae1ab6b10fa11ff59c14 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t01.flac
e619b966857bc818bc4e2437821097dc *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t02.flac
cd785e9aae205176e572011704d74d43 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t03.flac
ed4b6f2f0adea245573a9926acf45b63 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t04.flac
f4512ce9e8714818a7301a78fec4eca8 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t05.flac
7d01a7ab8ba4f43670107253b0ed6c28 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t06.flac
8c7ff0b66da943ec4d23e8b4babe11f1 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d1t07.flac
212109404eead4ecc75643e2457894b4 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t01.flac
68f6ac74001a75deb47a3554a4146fb5 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t02.flac
a5d5bed6b934e9c64682c9dc2532ecb2 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t03.flac
6636d9e80da9388d276a1237e29c37b1 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t04.flac
63678a011027a381af469813bcf376d1 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t05.flac
1a1ca35b64b71bb44850a5c2829e1750 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d2t06.flac
0147cc2f8b24c8cffd633788f0660c5e *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d3t01.flac
b18a743034fa6f883bc5b2a1df4f799c *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d3t02.flac
486909cd6c2a7a5995e7332f85b4ddd3 *db2006-09-23.dpa4022-rm.d3t03.flac

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