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Disco Biscuits 11/25/06
Hammerstien Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by SailorSaint
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary B1-Pro + AKGd8000s (FOB/DFC) > R-4 
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The Disco Biscuits
November 25th, 2006
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

Taped By: George Ewing ([email protected])

Source: B1-Pro + AKGd8000s (FOB/DFC) > R-4

Set I

01. Mulberry's Dream
02. Basis For A Day ->
03. Spacebirdmatingcall -> ****
04. Basis For A Day

Set I cont'd (Disc 2)

01. Echoes -> *
02. Set Break (Echoes loop) -> *****

Set II (Disc 2 cont'd)

03. Echoes **

Set II Cont'd (Disc 3)

01. Memphis ->
02. Hot Air Balloon

Set II cont'd (Disc 4)

01. Mindless Dribble -> ***
02. Digital Buddha -> ****
03. Mr. Don
04. Encore Break
05. Spraypaint

* unfinished; the band left the stage with the middle section looping over the PA for the set break
** completes Set I beginning
*** with Crickets fakeout
**** unfinished
***** on 12/3/06 this file was replaced with the unedited version of the set break loop

Reviewed by Jonathan Hatgis
Show Checksums
0ea6e1e276065758d283a7f49e17aa07 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d1t01.flac
43c059882f3032989e0452cf62bddc76 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d1t02.flac
e39cd533a3a8415f925816f4b8c1ec6a *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d1t03.flac
4c33ada3f8fef7bc7716741116d982b9 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d1t04.flac
0ed53fc38903cd077af665f30d82bfee *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d2t01.flac
507eeed071766a869d07db9dde5b28ef *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d2t02.flac
68044ebce4352da029e2cabcdc1a5d97 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d2t03.flac
bac7d16c05ba3723d97531e610290d6c *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d3t01.flac
8e73b8e0e8a1bb2ef8f31af65c20597c *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d3t02.flac
312ec71a7e6c1d35097d9722feda1478 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d4t01.flac
e5ff984f30c6e84d21a00222ea0b1cff *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d4t02.flac
aee3b48767601df61068cf6b691e1de2 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d4t03.flac
a3b65d7bc3b33310661064bb070aafa8 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d4t04.flac
b52e6220e4197f468c57f0affe7d1eb2 *db2006-11-25.b1-pro.akgd8000s.d4t05.flac

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