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Medeski Martin & Wood 04/28/07
The Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-ffp , flac-md5 , flac-st5 , t-flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: schoeps mk4 > actives > nbox+ > edirol r-09 (24/44.1) (balcony 1st row loc); macintosh > dsp-quattro x (tracking, dither & fades) > xACT 1.59 > flac; Taped by edtyre; via DIME 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Grand Opera House, Wilmington Delaware

source : schoeps mk4 > actives > nbox+ > edirol r-09 (24/44.1)
macintosh > dsp-quattro x (tracking, dither & fades) > xACT 1.59 > flac
location : balcony 1st row loc
taper : edtyre

01.  [16:17] - Baby Goats
02.  [14:35] - Open Improv > "Very Nice" [@3:13] >
03.  [06:31] - "Very Nice" cont'd
04.  [10:14] - Olde Wyne > Bass Solo [@8:27] >
05.  [13:15] - Bass Solo cont'd > Toro Mata [@2:12]

01.  [16:45] - Open Intro > Doppler, "Chaos" [@12:49] >
02.  [08:59] - "Bluesy"
03.  [12:25] - 1969, Where's Sly? [@5:23] >
04.  [09:00] - Where's Sly? cont'd > Drum Solo [@1:34]
05.  [10:16] - What'd I Say
06.  [10:43] - In A Silent Way Improv > Tubby [@2:00]
07.  [09:48] - Buster Rides Again > Caravan [@1:56] > C-Jam Blues [@5:22] > Buster Rides Again [@6:41]

titles in quotes are temporary until actual song names are confirmed

notes: a lot of these are new untitled improvisations
if anyone knows any of the titles please help me compile a setlist
my tracking may be off because i really didn't know where one song
ended or began, so i tracked out as best i could

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f6dff47b87a9c9dc392301014705de66 *mmw2007-04-28d1t01.flac
87390084de523dedbfa1dd87ac654ffa *mmw2007-04-28d1t02.flac
932d7913582d5ed3d32c2f56de3fbcb3 *mmw2007-04-28d1t03.flac
ac1830fd5df6f7702185886ed431dbdd *mmw2007-04-28d1t04.flac
0c1c9179dc84fbe834ff01c742373e0e *mmw2007-04-28d1t05.flac
2ba38638632787076b1487fb319602a1 *mmw2007-04-28d2t01.flac
b5e97c355f4f95796d7e2a13a38935d6 *mmw2007-04-28d2t02.flac
d4b86173021f2319f374149430aa0bf5 *mmw2007-04-28d2t03.flac
03a8a08455c10bf5977a11b42dc0dcb8 *mmw2007-04-28d2t04.flac
402e01efe695f51bbbbebf66b469f214 *mmw2007-04-28d2t05.flac
1109fc33ea036dab80fda7f3a65c1552 *mmw2007-04-28d2t06.flac
285536de938f8733d4a832440e5175dc *mmw2007-04-28d2t07.flac
e11d74efeb19b84ca2a0ff268a15eb4e [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d1t01.flac
61a5857f16866b099f5298d1848a5759 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d1t02.flac
eb6215190a46c2a1e9caeddc72e38827 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d1t03.flac
6f8627ec0b28b6ee9cc776e486ec3325 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d1t04.flac
c4f57ffe7c24df9924f64e2d333389ff [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d1t05.flac
e450a6e52dabbc352c3c7cc229c56fb2 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t01.flac
e3e116dafc8ab696587f451872e3dcb1 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t02.flac
25804e963ba935471871e6eaafdb670e [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t03.flac
a9ed1baa082dc18957c8b3e93291f699 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t04.flac
f54186975403a4da743ca804d670dec4 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t05.flac
0e6b0cdefb37053ecfe82431a95c5e45 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t06.flac
ac8de5c61266e9170d3a9869055f7269 [shntool] mmw2007-04-28d2t07.flac
77a1bda802f2cdd367b9b9598dc26db4 *mmw2007-04-28d1t01.flac
622b9b33904af73fc1cd3d298dc8c34d *mmw2007-04-28d1t02.flac
b3bd16f567396ff001102f2240a5390f *mmw2007-04-28d1t03.flac
034d3b90e2d67359c2e3f1e71acc0312 *mmw2007-04-28d1t04.flac
7e721eec395f094739ca67b24f22b361 *mmw2007-04-28d1t05.flac
e8a776960bef6585930609948ae77919 *mmw2007-04-28d2t01.flac
f8f375ff444879e5a2c388bb37226766 *mmw2007-04-28d2t02.flac
5207fcd2486dc0febee683acc2d12403 *mmw2007-04-28d2t03.flac
5f091580a8a52929e7ac832ac2f433e9 *mmw2007-04-28d2t04.flac
ad55a1469a7704b777b5114f399e5c8f *mmw2007-04-28d2t05.flac
d67c39b0c58313ae25bb71b0b951b3e2 *mmw2007-04-28d2t06.flac
16e9b63d3078abadb7f265965962b907 *mmw2007-04-28d2t07.flac

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Date User Comment
05/05/2007 duggy Added a temporary setlist for now to help track these new tunes.
01/13/2011 duggy Considerable maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.), but still some unknowns.
12/25/2011 duggy An ID3 tagged fileset now circulates. Its checksums are noted on this source entry.
01/04/2012 duggy So, I have added an additional md5 (see t-flac-md5_UPDATED above) for the ID tagged fileset since I had to correct title entries for two tracks. The full story can be found in the torrent comments.

FFP & ST5 values remain intact, of course.

Thanks to moniker and andyb for catching my mistakes!

The textfile above has also been updated.

Here's what I posted on the torrent comments which I hope explains it all: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Thanks, Moniker and andyb -- not sure how I f#$ked that up! HA!

s2t05 is, of course, What'd I Say -- Down On Me woulda been nice though! HA!

Also, I think the C-Jam Blues playing is worth noting in the Encore as well -- I recognized the melody in there too, but my head assumed it was the return to Buster which it ain't! HA!

Anyway, you will need/want to update your text files as well as the ID tag on the track itself with these values:
d2t05 = What'd I Say
d2t07 = Buster Rides Again > Caravan [@1:56] > C-Jam Blues [@5:22] > Buster Rides Again [@6:44]

In the t-flac16tag.txt file, you can update the info to this for those two tracks:

TITLE = What'd I Say
LENGTH = 10:16
TRACK# = 05/07
ARTIST = Medeski Martin & Wood
ALBUM = 2007-04-28.schoeps-mk4.84828 - Set II - Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
YEAR = 2007
GENRE = Live Acoustic
ALBUM ARTIST = Medeski Martin & Wood
COMPOSER = Medeski Martin & Wood LIVE
TITLE = Buster Rides Again > Caravan [@1:56] > C-Jam Blues [@5:22] > Buster Rides Again [@6:44]
LENGTH = 09:48
TRACK# = 07/07
ARTIST = Medeski Martin & Wood
ALBUM = 2007-04-28.schoeps-mk4.84828 - Set II - Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
YEAR = 2007
GENRE = Live Acoustic
ALBUM ARTIST = Medeski Martin & Wood
COMPOSER = Medeski Martin & Wood LIVE

... and I can provide an updated t-flac16tag.html file to anyone who might want it -- just email me.

After changing those two tracks, these are the md5 values I was given for each:
780061525d0977a91a5878bd158f329a *mmw2007-04-28d2t05.flac
2065b0a31304ab1452dd9dfe97a8ea18 *mmw2007-04-28d2t07.flac

... I'm not too concerned about that, but I'll track it nonetheless in db.etree and thought I'd let folks know here as well. The ST5 and FFP values are not altered because the music hasn't changed, and that's the more important checksum for verifying integrity. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++