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Garcia 01/27/89
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary JGB: SBD > 2nd or 3rd gen cassette (dolby B) > eq out >hp computer > Sound Forge ([email protected]) > CD wave > Flac. 
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The Jerry Garcia Band
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA


A(big)cardboard box, maxell XL2S90 cassette dolby B'
Played on a Nak CR3A,(Dolby B) eq out->hp computer->
Sound Forge([email protected])->CD wave-> Flac->you!

Guessing 2nd or 3rd gen SBD

Audience Source: D2 Tracks 5,6,& 7
MC->C Sony D6C w/Sony Stereo Mic
Played back on Nakamichi CR3A onto Hp Computer (no dolby)->
Sound Forge [email protected] 5.5DB ->CD Wave->Flac7->You!  

Transferred by John Moses 5-7-07

Set 1  
T01 Let's Spend The Night Together
T02 Stop That Train
T03 Someday Baby
T04 Run For The Roses
T05 Waiting For A Miracle Mississippi Moon
T06 Mississippi Moon Waiting for a Miracle
T07 I Hope It Won't Be This Way, Always
T08 Deal

Set 2    
T01 Harder They Come
T02 And It Stoned Me
To3 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
T04 Think
T05 Don't Let Go**
T06 That Lucky Old Sun**
T07 Midnight Moonlight**

**/audience recording
Show Checksums
4c95c38318448922e154f1268bfeef0a *D1T01 Lets Spend The Night Together.flac
55f8e02b2d76bd79d1f3085570749d29 *D1T02 stop That train.flac
741e065b4f190ca5da7ff02f2d535878 *D1T03 Someday Baby.flac
8bb6f8784039d628a11e64e3153ebcda *D1T04 Run for The Roses.flac
c5879558e6ef8a5bf8991493be9977f7 *D1T05 Mississippi Moon.flac
f62f22bd10ae11727c5a9cba61e89ed0 *D1T06 Waiting For A Miracle.flac
09bb6e4f8e38e147c6e846ad457e6664 *D1T07 Hope It Wont Be This Way.flac
6f7f52d4b632e2b7fb18a7f880526ef0 *D1T08 Deal.flac
63382c4f4f0ec7a5d153f7a2ee621c1e *D2T01 Harder They Come.flac
8080a7c877b7be741bd7f5f4e7a3f483 *D2T02 And It Stoned Me.flac
891185a881cb92cd645ce88c2f8a4654 *D2T03 Knockin' On Heaven's Door.flac
e91ca40f4da456db6425a0759476aace *D2T04 Think.flac
362e16c54f787cbef272ba28657fd745 *D2T05 Don't Let Go.flac
f3d4c895917a735c08eec1ec512a4d2f *D2T06 That Lucky Old Sun.flac
fd707f35abd08c8cb846ddb65d643325 *D2T07 Midnight Moonlight.flac
D1T01 Lets Spend The Night Together.flac:0fe2399fadc16212de197675f9898d2b
D1T02 stop That train.flac:924be804c4841ec543ec42e4a6290976
D1T03 Someday Baby.flac:0b9dc949d7694185ddb19a27485ce343
D1T04 Run for The Roses.flac:8b18f78b00c5f62fae8d2b348fc8b64e
D1T05 Mississippi Moon.flac:125c3fe75f86c33e7baa31a08a3fc3ca
D1T06 Waiting For A Miracle.flac:7f8efc3c9e70c486490d7dacb1d5317d
D1T07 Hope It Wont Be This Way.flac:ab013dca26b5afc284b92524f842a7aa
D1T08 Deal.flac:109506ec58dcd8e4415378fe826da4c0
D2T01 Harder They Come.flac:581723a9aff404eab6b794d20c1a136d
D2T02 And It Stoned Me.flac:558e578ee5d641d216c6897eee324c5b
D2T03 Knockin' On Heaven's Door.flac:6f12f3a14d25c03b78e13a29ee055ea0
D2T04 Think.flac:6c75949419231ea8c5a1867c4080db83
D2T05 Don't Let Go.flac:963a1d8a3b7ff6e44d6075e2f6a82b4a
D2T06 That Lucky Old Sun.flac:13046a60dbbc81b7049f2474ad1b7357
D2T07 Midnight Moonlight.flac:85cbd31f5a2a57fe441c531c19716839

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06/18/2007 ziko The original torrent failed the md5 for the text and md5 file info. I have these as the file info
84fd886370cbb35aeabbba78fa00326d *JGB 89-1-27 Orpheum SBD.md5
14a6a6e656ffb1330cae4f9ba1e909cd *JGB 89-1-27.txt