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String Cheese Incident 03/23/02
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by Daniel Shay
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC6/mk41 > MP2 > AD2K+ > Tascam DA-P1; Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII > Audiowerk2 > SoundForge4.5(resampled from 48khz>44.1) > wav > shn 
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Denver, CO

Source: Taped by: John Hart:
Shoepps cmc6/mk41>SD mp2>sonic ad2k+>tascam dap-1

Conversion: By ian stone [email protected]
tascam da20mkII>audiowerk2>soundforge4.5(resampled from 48khz>44.1)>wav>shn

set1: (disc1 t1-10)
Cedar >
Jam >
Nine Pound Hammer?,
Hold What You've Got?,
Foggy Mountain Breakdown?,
(disc 2 t11-13 + set2t1-3)
These Waves >
Jam >
Don't Say Reprise >
Rhythm of the Road >
White Freightliner Blues,
(disc3 set2t4>end)
Emma's Dream,
Miss Brown's Teahouse,
Land's End? >
Restless Wind
E:  Rollover  
Guests:  ? with Ricky Skaggs (mandolin), Bobby Hicks (fiddle), and Jim Mills (banjo); without Travis
? with above and Ricky Skaggs' other fiddle and acoustic guitar
? with Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead) on drums  
Notes:  Opening Act: Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
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3b1aa632637e37a975ccbb60903c5bed *sci3-23-02set211.shn
4e5fc43f0460bd6e0e500d02fa14fee9 *sci3-23-02set102.shn
c9fdefdf82b7d210c46541d5fd3b34b4 *sci3-23-02set103.shn
4cefe1f87260c4b0f20677cd02cd4c2e *sci3-23-02set104.shn
30878b1f373b605dad69a5bc574994dd *sci3-23-02set105.shn
bbc1e0c039be8ecb0fc245003d2a4c17 *sci3-23-02set106.shn
9c8653091f9993a60d90f4af291f1ca6 *sci3-23-02set107.shn
b053297579fb949aa65951f084c29e20 *sci3-23-02set108.shn
7c9b15c915b6664421e03b7b98fe4b90 *sci3-23-02set109.shn
0b9a0e2d07b4e16cb6b7686b624cab98 *sci3-23-02set110.shn
2cded60c73f7cdbe8c8c217cf6622a41 *sci3-23-02set111.shn
7e9d2db9c07be8226a7b8dab4ff93605 *sci3-23-02set112.shn
2586f22bdda524e651d94c1e2eee611a *sci3-23-02set113.shn
185ee8cd324fea5fc67ad1c4bbc1d800 *sci3-23-02set201.shn
076ec1a69d7c280c5fe3d2ddaf5b21e5 *sci3-23-02set202.shn
fee6b23f2779a942d551e8758a215b51 *sci3-23-02set203.shn
146987b826ade4d0835c64f0684602bc *sci3-23-02set204.shn
42b265a22ee42116d37456233157b237 *sci3-23-02set205.shn
365a620460e328c82a25229f8ad8a072 *sci3-23-02set206.shn
8eb04bde261e860d929853fbd1e9c0e7 *sci3-23-02set207.shn
081b79fc54da75d4b4785a49899f8c53 *sci3-23-02set208.shn
d32bc1804e2c8a96964c6567e1019a3c *sci3-23-02set209.shn
e315b631ed4b461f3e5362940dfa233e *sci3-23-02set210.shn
5d1768af15851bd6f239ecc00f633ff8 *sci3-23-02set101.shn

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