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Les Claypool & His Fancy Band 07/07/05
The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
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Source Summary Les Claypool and his Fancy Band-Fox Theatre, Boulder CO 1st night-4011 source 
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this is ethan alpert's tape.  A sick one it is!  i deserve blame about the tiny cut in d's diner during the intro...i told ethan thered be no way he'd need a 3 hour tape...and then the band proceeded to play their longest show ever (2 hours 45 minutes!)  So sorry about that.  You can barely notice it, i promise.  I dont think ethan would mind me torrenting over here....i think he only put this up on CO and it didnt stay up long...lets give this one a long life it deserves!

Boulder CO Fox Theatre
1st night (of 2)

the band:
Mike d: vibes and percussion
Jay Lane:drums

Brian Haas (of jacob fred): keyboards (after drums)

Skerik was on tour with Mike Clark and couldnt attend.  He returned 4 days later!

the set:
Jam!>Hello Skinny(only)>making plans for nigel (xtc cover...1st in many many years!)>
Holy Mackeral
Eyeball in the sky>jam!>eyeball
percip (with "jaws"theme)
tooth (with "the beds too big without you"-police cover!)

drums>whamola jam>drums
Passage to bangkok tease>Prelude to fear!!!!(1st since 01!)>roof
D's diner
crowd (encore)
e1: les keyboard solo intro>backpack
e2: 48 hours to go (only!)

all post drums with brian "farrah fawcett majors" haas on keyboards!

this shit was so off the hook i cant really properly describe it!  Les was pretty sold on his little 4 piece...even the part without haas sounds amazing!

Ethan, thanks for taping, you did an amazing job, these sound as sweet as all the opther tapes youve made over the years! WILL love this!

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