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Gov't Mule 08/31/97
High Sierra Music Festival, Bear Valley, CA
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Gov't Mule
High Sierra Music Festival
Bear Valley, CA


01. John The Revelator*->
02. Thelonius Beck->
03. Gameface->
04. Thorazine Shuffle
05. Painted Silver Light->
06. In The Presence Of The Lord->
07. Birth Of The Mule
08. She Said She Said->
09. Tomorrow Never Knows Jam->
10. St. Stephen Jam->
11. Mule->
    I've Been Workin'->


12. I'm Gonna Send You Back To Georgia->
    Come On In My Kitchen Tease->
    I'm Gonna Send You Back To Georgia

* Allen on mandolin

Join the Mule revolution....
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3f4d64ee89cf104a5abdcd3abf863961 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t06.shn
3a8ed106a94048e848ca42e4914f110b *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t07.shn
028b2799f04fbeeece4c04054b9680a9 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t08.shn
4d54b6b533476f730942a2be3d0bffe8 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t09.shn
e59de3f1f2e1df1125b4cc02a3482f09 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t10.shn
f06b99bec2642530eeb64b5dc8f39e8c *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t11.shn
dd2e2ee5b0ba84bf7004e7ac40fddf0e *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t12.shn
672dd4b14c3fcb96baeacb2b427fcd5b *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t01.shn
14db89d2ec6c3fef712304c6a1712480 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t02.shn
0a9366f47b294ec594afffb79e4395fd *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t03.shn
25a7256d618001ab7bd1b673c3882f9d *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t04.shn
e41e33235feb56bfa0e6da1ae154c440 *Gov't Mule 1997-08-31t05.shn

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