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Phish 07/26/99
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC641> Lunatec v2> Graham Patten adc20> dap1 (Cash's rig); DAT via Chris Wood; DAT> CD by Matt: DAP1> TB Fiji S/PDIF> cdwav 
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Phish 7/26/99
Deer Creek, Noblesville IN
source: Schoeps CMC641>Lunatec v2>Graham Patten adc20>dap1 (Cash's rig)
DAT provided by the mighty kind Chris Wood...
DAT>CD by [email protected]: DAP1>TB Fiji S/PDIF>cdwav

Disc 1:
Set I
1.  Farmhouse
2.  Get Back on the Train
3.  Vultures
4.  Sleep
5.  Gumbo >
6.  NICU
7.  Beauty of My Dreams
8.  Bathtub Gin
9.  Mountains in the Mist

Disc 2:
1.  Axilla I
2.  Stash
Set II
4.  Wolfman's Brother
5.  Piper

Disc 3:
1.  Theme from the Bottom >
2.  Down with Disease
3.  Feedback Jam >
4.  Split Open and Melt
6.  Woodstock
7.  Julius
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b8a9b1f7502f8adee383a31dbf9794bd *ph99-07-26d1t09.shn
9059b79b72732f2d405c36e033eb9f0c *ph99-07-26d1t02.shn
5fcb09b3161449e89dd3accf03083672 *ph99-07-26d1t03.shn
4025b1fb0d7c17a7213b902192c59cca *ph99-07-26d1t04.shn
2f0b60edde766f8193535083f87a21fd *ph99-07-26d1t05.shn
10f4e4de6e37329798dde3c219efc6fd *ph99-07-26d1t06.shn
8c2505d6daceb381f9ea53d12530d2fd *ph99-07-26d1t07.shn
8d3fffd658f75f6ddd5f264790495fbd *ph99-07-26d1t08.shn
23edfba67cef3c396572bc0008443555 *ph99-07-26d1t01.shn
c738928d56ed6a3fdd6e3612c598da28 *ph99-07-26d2t05.shn
875f1a0939676cafa2d361f6376af5bf *ph99-07-26d2t02.shn
73755386e4bdc541a1639393f71281cf *ph99-07-26d2t03.shn
bd8c0def25d679ae5247f1464e309673 *ph99-07-26d2t04.shn
19929ff44cc708811e0e37f4d6fb9dc3 *ph99-07-26d2t01.shn
ae7bd84e9340e690a84b0b835959cada *ph99-07-26d3t07.shn
e5f6ac6db79f82468ab0386194f0e146 *ph99-07-26d3t02.shn
1e33004cfcd707445f0a5e7e9e7e4ba3 *ph99-07-26d3t03.shn
7c8352bf6dc6184b105df84a423a5066 *ph99-07-26d3t04.shn
39da2e3767213b3305a2bdfbee3d139b *ph99-07-26d3t05.shn
b8a8b27e014a30de1c0bdcd1f9674b2b *ph99-07-26d3t06.shn
60d30c0284c6ad2aef46ff1375cfc471 *ph99-07-26d3t01.shn

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