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North Mississippi Allstars 05/11/07
WorkPlay - Sound Stage, Birmingham, AL
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Entered by vanark
Checksums NMAS 2007-05-11.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AUD: AKG 414s>Portico 5012>R-4 Pro w/ T Mod>SoundForge>TLH>FLAC(6) 
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North Mississippi AllStars
WorkPlay - Sound Stage
Birmingham, AL

Set 1:
1. The Meeting
2. Oxford Town >
3. Shake Em On Down >
4. Bang Bang Lulu
5. I Just Wanna See His Face >
6. Never In All My Days
7. Happy Song >
8. Soldier
9. Mississippi Kid
10. Everybody Needs Somebody >
11. GA Women > Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman > Po Black Maddie
12. Slow Train Comin
13. Sunshine Of Your Love
14. Some Kind Of Wonderful
15. Stompin My Foot >
16. Hillbilly Holla >
17. Stay All Night > Lord Have Mercy > Stay All Night >
18. Ship > Gloria

19. Crowd
20. I Don't Live Today >
21. Love And Happiness

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums, vocals
Chris Chew: bass, vocals
Kirk Clayton: keys

Notes: Thanks to NMAS for 2 great nights of music and to Randy for mixing it so sweet. Tracked by the flow.

AKG 414s (Omni) > Portico 5012 (No Silk) > R-4 Pro w/ T Mod

Location: FOB DFC / 20' from stage - AKG 414s spaced 36" at 8' high

Editing: SoundForge 8.0: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz
Resampled to 44.1kHz w/ Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping: Equal Loudness Contour
Traders Little Helper: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Taped, transfered and seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail dot com)
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NMAS 2007-05-11.md5
0796ed656f6e06a758616adda470d849 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t01.flac
7de6542e224ec63bab2e2ff449b708ae *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t02.flac
bde2c1d2d000afc49125ff48c75825d9 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t03.flac
bc00605743497e829b43ad1c142c113c *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t04.flac
bdc00e8078c49ccadae4924425ec9ba3 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t05.flac
177c5c711acab8f2e5163066a3fccc21 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t06.flac
da51c5adb954d7dd14cfb5918e1297b2 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t07.flac
106baafa3de5bfccf9768db1bb37dd88 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t08.flac
3f89c2d28a6dd7fc5a685a59e2f263fa *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t09.flac
3ebbda3af527ad930a457e2070494032 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t10.flac
89e59de23e849da5ff69d25a59b58303 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t11.flac
e1982784a0f64a89e47cd5a0bff3c776 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t12.flac
381397156abc4ba3a631993fe8e88589 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t13.flac
778f49fb172570e9788cb0c5a10c751a *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t14.flac
388848a2d1209048fe47e3b4b3a04be4 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t15.flac
5275b00282a8d67e786d308f7b68a537 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t16.flac
bf61da08853d4172228c4c1e427139ae *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t17.flac
0746903b1e948ea797e3b099aeaac636 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t18.flac
25e77c753ce786edbe7e6ee7986efe43 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t19.flac
5f391917848f882e28529e5adfcddbc0 *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t20.flac
9631b1d4cba031a8efa131c510b85aeb *NMAS 2007-05-11 Omni JHatcher d01t21.flac

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