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Grateful Dead 09/15/82
Capital Centre, Landover, MD
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Entered by Gary Field
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary combination SBD (Jim Wise) and FOB Nak shotguns (Tiger Rose, David Howard) - see notes in info file; Patching, tracking and Shn encoding by Sean Cribbs; Upgrade in circulation 
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Grateful Dead
Capital Center, Landover, MD

"//Crazy Fingers" thru "Lost Sailor//": MSC>1 Reel Gen>CD
Analog > Digital transfer by Jim Wise
Normalized from 65% to 100% using Cool Edit 96 by Sean Cribbs

"Playing In The Band > Crazy Fingers//" opener, start of jam
following "Must Have Been The Roses" to cover a flip on the
MSC, and "//Lost Sailor" thru encore: MAC>CD
Recorded by Tiger Rose - FOB Nak shotgun mics > Sony TC-D5M
Analog > Digital transfer by David Howard
No other sound processing was done

Patching, tracking and Shn encoding by Sean Cribbs 8/4/01

Set 1
1 Playing In The Band >
2 Crazy Fingers >
3 Playing In The Band Jam >
4 Little Red Rooster
5 Dupree's Diamond Blues >
6 Beat It On Down The Line
7 It Must Have Been The Roses >
8 Playing In The Band Jam >
9 Let It Grow >
10 Keep Your Day Job

Set 2
1 Shakedown Street >
2 Playing In The Band Jam >
3 Lost Sailor >
4 Saint Of Circumstance >
5 Drums >
6 Space > Jam >
7 Not Fade Away >
8 Stella Blue >
9 Around & Around >
10 Good Lovin'
11 Touch Of Grey *breakout

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e8c3abbc37ada5b3c0e9b0e57f97e3c8 *gd820915d101.shn
a96ea3fdbc7c59004375611cc7f59aa4 *gd820915d102.shn
d0a6abb81d65b54ead9ee7cfd3fddff3 *gd820915d103.shn
248d1b218a372c910d6fc873d09662ea *gd820915d104.shn
adda2e9504efc7de176d87c6770f0c39 *gd820915d105.shn
abb11ca704ba617bc6ab1a77339cc053 *gd820915d106.shn
428a61f75ef0b7bf5b726ff79bd981ec *gd820915d107.shn
991f918b7e4e0965c39c2610ba850770 *gd820915d108.shn
913b31d1586e3ef00da68a251570493d *gd820915d109.shn
d0a6b2c65079a9b5fdedfada1f14be81 *gd820915d110.shn
591340f8e5554bfc2dc6a2a0052c861f *gd820915d201.shn
367027056ff73965c87acca009463881 *gd820915d202.shn
900a14218da2ed8b094801ed7f14d6a9 *gd820915d203.shn
1462d7fc6d1864b5823c9c8723f61653 *gd820915d204.shn
d4b5f0d0001c5f458ad8c5001ae1a351 *gd820915d205.shn
3a297c04ae7fc4d6e514784f3021082c *gd820915d206.shn
ed2d18506921f814208463b46c79d562 *gd820915d207.shn
ed2f04f810336429b22c4961f2095d0e *gd820915d208.shn
07e6542b8498ac1dec35c3422fc716d6 *gd820915d209.shn
eccaf0064809717dfea1aa5655dbf0c5 *gd820915d210.shn
111a063fe421ba2a125d6934e85e8ef4 *gd820915d211.shn
73a1de4c9848c0ed43f53497f7751254 [shntool] gd820915d101.shn
884fba6a92b7d27304cb3c3e002d7812 [shntool] gd820915d102.shn
2280f6a8bb8f866929d59d7ab1417d56 [shntool] gd820915d103.shn
2d5395094d784a29c2069628be4c5602 [shntool] gd820915d104.shn
a49ffe588dd900de5c414292a4bd2bfd [shntool] gd820915d105.shn
b573a8dc52f8deda20de2f410a505623 [shntool] gd820915d106.shn
8fc1aede136470adc8e7127b37314207 [shntool] gd820915d107.shn
7148cc1981af5992ee5e84631c9586d1 [shntool] gd820915d108.shn
a5f24692d80e31aef5a79c478bf56769 [shntool] gd820915d109.shn
099ec6d2f83a3c0e5028c5a8c8855aa6 [shntool] gd820915d110.shn
bcd57a835aa109eb0ba7c8c09e0d163e [shntool] gd820915d201.shn
bf6f0afdd1bfb46369a25dbadf077afe [shntool] gd820915d202.shn
4fc7c140e4579cc217f68a65dc5fbf33 [shntool] gd820915d203.shn
04eb47a54185cf2cac2bcb9918e7a7c0 [shntool] gd820915d204.shn
896975d79a07cb779ddeccd791779221 [shntool] gd820915d205.shn
0b4736ddbf36f32f0e1477e6b7bd39ac [shntool] gd820915d206.shn
fa6514838a4531469426c6f80ca8753c [shntool] gd820915d207.shn
0da432c93c9f381b86bb88e46272ce9f [shntool] gd820915d208.shn
9d2ddb120a279f9d82c7301354e2f553 [shntool] gd820915d209.shn
19f01f149ca45c8403c9e54812912fb7 [shntool] gd820915d210.shn
379ce63084378f8fe0aaae6e7c00e0ec [shntool] gd820915d211.shn

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Date User Comment
05/01/2002 Jeff Hannan This is the first performance of Touch Of Grey
01/31/2013 other3 Sadly it was, to the best of my knowledge, the first "Day Job".
02/01/2013 charliemiller First Day Job was 8/28/82.