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Grateful Dead 08/30/69
Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Master Soundboard Reel > Cass > DAT > CD; via Seth Kaplan; Seeded to etree by Steve Barbella 
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Grateful Dead

August 30, 1969

Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, Cal

Master Soundboard Reel > Cass > DAT > CD

Disc 1
China Cat Sunflower >        5:38
Doin' that Rag               8:24
Morning Dew                 10:59
Easy wind                    8:47

Disc 2
Dark Star >                 28:56
Saint Stephen >              6:25
The Eleven >                 6:35
Drumz >                      5:14
High /Time                   6:41

much less hiss than the previously circulating SBcass>DAT>CDR

Discs were generously supplied by Seth Kaplan

EAC>SHN transfer by Steve Barbella 3/02
EAC secure test and copy, offsets config'd, 100% track quality
SHNs created via MKW v.97 (seek enabled)
shntool used to verify the sectors...they were fine.

Deadlists Comments:
The newly circulating CDs transcribe Latvala's cassette copy of
the master reels.  The cassette has a flip about 11 minutes in to the Dark
Star but Latvala must have put some overlap on B because there is no cut
audible on the well-produced CD.  

A 41 minute fragment from this tape has circulated for years, usually
mislabeled "Family Dog 8/29/69" but sometimes also mislabeld "Family Dog
6/5/69" or "Fillmore West 6/5/69."  This fragment contains the last 17:50 of
Dark Star through the first 3:28 of High Time.

08/30/69 The Family Dog, San Francisco Ca - complete
  4.7   ^, 088min, Sbd, A1D0, Reel M->Cass  1->Dat  0, 48k,
  7inch Master [email protected] 1/2trk->Tascam 122mkIII Cass 1st Gen->3800 x 0

RECORDING  90 SB (reels)
CONTRIBUTORS  Jim Powell   Dick Latvala  Nathan Wolfson
Show Checksums
f62db3c5325eb2a08edad081c1ac286b *gd69-08-30d1t03.shn
3a7926ace0ca4c80d0d844a935017b65 *gd69-08-30d1t02.shn
7309f108578ff87206e7676107580efc *gd69-08-30d1t01.shn
2022a6795cb4b482e9804d038e89cfb1 *gd69-08-30d1t04.shn
2fba2d8364bb0760939b16e8fcac9941 *gd69-08-30d2t01.shn
af10f4fb07c0f13977c4685e34dc30cc *gd69-08-30d2t02.shn
8bc7d054d5a06e350c5c3e2b15df1ee5 *gd69-08-30d2t03.shn
1e44d74686f70e370916f13049026c01 *gd69-08-30d2t04.shn
c1b026add63a60e5443d2a3749354c30 *gd69-08-30d2t05.shn
1cb558eb8beaacf027eb193edda2d738 [shntool] gd69-08-30d1t01.shn
1bbd3fb159d4eb57546fe3de5f6a8c8f [shntool] gd69-08-30d1t02.shn
77b7ee3debb94bfab879551eeec458c3 [shntool] gd69-08-30d1t03.shn
5665750ac23f0503bcf34673a089eae3 [shntool] gd69-08-30d1t04.shn
6d0b11c6de0699d86942caa7bf9306e4 [shntool] gd69-08-30d2t01.shn
f2abfc91b48ea9b0c87ad8f81dffb56e [shntool] gd69-08-30d2t02.shn
15f4a1a553db01c20f788a7939f56452 [shntool] gd69-08-30d2t03.shn
db3f47f699fff81a0a99bb8bc456afcb [shntool] gd69-08-30d2t04.shn
c37a1d1338e574cd4e810403ed2d7d84 [shntool] gd69-08-30d2t05.shn

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