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Solar Circus 06/29/91
Barnhenge, Adamstown, PA
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Entered by Michael Townshend
Checksums Solar Circus 1991-06-29
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary SBD -> DAT (Panasonic SV-255) -> Beta PCM (SONY F1) -> WAV (Soundblaster Audigy 2 / Cool Edit 44.1/16) -> FLAC (FLAC Frontend) 
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Solar Circus
Adamstown, PA

Source: SBD -> DAT (Panasonic SV-255) -> Beta PCM (SONY F1) ->
WAV (Soundblaster Audigy 2 / Cool Edit 44.1/16) -> FLAC (FLAC Frontend)

Set 1
CD1 (76:01)
Cripple Creek (6:21)
Dear Prudence (6:34)
Shooting Tequila (4:12)
One More Time (6:29)
Big Boss Man (5:41)
Legalize It (5:41)
Love's My Thing-> (5:42)
China Cat Sunflower-> (5:27)
Into Tomorrow (8:17)
Margaritaville (5:18)
Gimme Three Steps (4:46)
Set 2
Cold Rain and Snow (7:15)
Dead Flowers (4:10)

CD2 (79:33)
Festival (4:56)
Promised Land (4:02)
Lonesome and Long way From Home (6:49)
Cassidy (7:46)
Get Up Stand Up (9:01)
Tabla Rasa (4:17)
Twilight Dance-> (5:21)
St Stephen-> (6:16)
The Eleven-> (9:34)
Twilight Dance (5:01)
One MOre Saturday Night (6:02)
Set 3
Think (5:07)
That's What Love Will Make You Do (5:15)

CD3 (78:22)
Walk on The Wild Side (5:40)
Viola Lee Blues (10:22)
Werewolves of London (5:52)
Scarlet Beginas (8:21)
Tangled Up In Blue (8:54)
Spin Song (10:45)
Slamming Door Blues* (9:36)
Fortune Teller-> (7:55)
I Know You Rider (7:59)
Dan's Rap (2:32)
Heartbreak Hotel (2:12)
Golden Road (3:47)

Total 239:31 (3:59:31)

Mark Diomede - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Greene - Guitar, Vocals
Ken Golojuch - Bass
Brad Hall - Drums

Dan Tepper - Sound, *trumpet

I think this was part of the early history of the current
Stonehenge festival. When you bought tickets you got a
tarot card which you wore around your neck on a string.
That was your ticket. The place was outdoors in rural
PA. I remember a house and and perhaps a barn. There was
a pig roast. Everyone camped out. I remember that the
outhouse became so bad that we would go down the road to
Zinns Diner to use the bathroom.

This is the early version of Solar with Steve Greene and
Brad Hall. More cover songs, less originals. The set list
includes a lot of dead/jgb related covers, as well
as some other interesting covers ("Gimme Three Steps" and
"Walk on The Wild Side" the Lou Reed Song.) They played 3
long sets totaling 4 hours. This will fit (barely) on 3
cds. The drastic change in sound at the end of "Into Tomorrow"
is caused by some out of control spinner crashing into
the soundboard. The board was set up on a table and almost
slid off.
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Solar Circus 1991-06-29
8c0e014a3b3df7c85ee5d9299c441395 *solar1991-06-29-d1t01.flac
09e9f3b227313249f5852aed77c63e20 *solar1991-06-29-d1t02.flac
b24b581e9b991fb2304e35063351aea1 *solar1991-06-29-d1t03.flac
e4eee35f9949c0b9fde6c6dd7abdd367 *solar1991-06-29-d1t04.flac
92e562a837095cb85c2943c9c385bb72 *solar1991-06-29-d1t05.flac
55cfef79a98330df245ace0bdf9a9e0d *solar1991-06-29-d1t06.flac
99b1673382292054471bbe2b4e75aee1 *solar1991-06-29-d1t07.flac
ad0273783723a403607a1aad9cacd535 *solar1991-06-29-d1t08.flac
30bd03fd7e8432add9a470293fffb252 *solar1991-06-29-d1t09.flac
9c63afa3d274efc1322104d554bdb25a *solar1991-06-29-d1t10.flac
a9d00659ce46806b14ea3f96df403d25 *solar1991-06-29-d1t11.flac
fbbe34ed12c9c7ee714aacc44ef0d71f *solar1991-06-29-d1t12.flac
73f71adf0ea6d3e28ea504a045ba2dac *solar1991-06-29-d1t13.flac
e525c9b160b120599f9749fcdffd4416 *solar1991-06-29-d2t01.flac
9a849ab641adaf29e52c54bc49ded8bb *solar1991-06-29-d2t02.flac
c7bd68f952872c187ec38f42cda045b9 *solar1991-06-29-d2t03.flac
a77eb086ca3dfaebebbfa72d946f6ab6 *solar1991-06-29-d2t04.flac
763e88ea54bac1f135ece979b0207086 *solar1991-06-29-d2t05.flac
ac2742bcfe8c387203b8882eee1dbb6d *solar1991-06-29-d2t06.flac
f05021f7987f197c8d3d946f0e6bd5c4 *solar1991-06-29-d2t07.flac
99a1fa03be51fa5260d42a95e82d95d1 *solar1991-06-29-d2t08.flac
30b215f01c89b659c35b2590c6e24179 *solar1991-06-29-d2t09.flac
03e2fc0ab8c8f8773785ede883de57fc *solar1991-06-29-d2t10.flac
431126252288e7f0e2c6de698aa85fa2 *solar1991-06-29-d2t11.flac
aeb42ee3f25d1c0bc3e1975ee45f32ed *solar1991-06-29-d2t12.flac
9cd291417a769d4424e895c087ec8f69 *solar1991-06-29-d2t13.flac
723ab53139abf5d299c6aafaf79e0c0f *solar1991-06-29-d3t01.flac
eb2457029d12919ff2cd3ab219c85dca *solar1991-06-29-d3t02.flac
897daa49215bec452c50ea1f2b47fd81 *solar1991-06-29-d3t03.flac
f6e2b4712bbaf1761c0d6d5013efc185 *solar1991-06-29-d3t04.flac
b1910cb92a275d739c8cdd7afc483c65 *solar1991-06-29-d3t05.flac
b390f7ebcb8201721b348776965e3420 *solar1991-06-29-d3t06.flac
1bd1b6e4e7fe34453452229b6b64db88 *solar1991-06-29-d3t07.flac
0618cda651883e42c4480010cc561fda *solar1991-06-29-d3t08.flac
c8f6598bb89b7bccb9757e1b2e235a3e *solar1991-06-29-d3t09.flac
b3308d4347451e6d10b888e1406bdffa *solar1991-06-29-d3t10.flac
fc8d2ec1f3707e7340ebd82d1733d951 *solar1991-06-29-d3t11.flac
e8ffc72f063b9e14bb97698c6389ec92 *solar1991-06-29-d3t12.flac

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