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Trey Anastasio 07/27/01
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC6/mk4v > Apogee AD1000 > Sony D8; Tascam DA-20 > Turtle Beach Fiji > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped by Sean Yockus 
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Trey Anastasio
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC

Trey Anastasio  
Tony Markellis on Bass  
Russ Lawton on Drums
Dave Grippo on Saxophone
Jennifer Hartswick on Trumpet  
Andy Moroz on Trombone
Russell Remington on Saxophone  
Ray Paczkowski on Keyboards

TAPER:Sean Yockus, Coral Springs FL
SOURCE:1st row TS - Middle, Schoeps CMC64V>Apogee AD1000>Sony D8

DAT>SHN:Tascam DA-20>COAX>Turtle Beach Fiji>CDWAV>SHN
Via MKW.These shns are seekable in your SHNamp.
I have included both the wav and shn md5s.

Props to Gary Fox for the MK4V caps loan....and Mikey K
for making it happen ; )

7/27/01 - Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
Disc 1
Set I:  
1)Moesha 06:25
2)Tube Top Wobble 03:44
3)Last Tube 23:29
4)Ooh Child 15:39
5)Alive Again 15:03
6)Will It Go Round In Circles 09:46

Disc 2
Set II:  
1)Burlap Sack & Pumps 31:20
2)Aqui Como Alla 07:16
3)Simple Twist Up Dave 12:47

Disc 3
1)Flock of Words 05:47
2)Sand 20:26

3)At The Gazebo 03:22
4)Mr. Completely 09:14

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ec32e63c92247cdca6cb2a55b2b7f9dd *trey01-07-27d1t01.shn
2eff69fe8c277a2e80a6b250437fab23 *trey01-07-27d1t02.shn
56f8dbd0671c72cedd390284ae130a27 *trey01-07-27d1t03.shn
249c113ca3840823d1cd1a37fd1e66c7 *trey01-07-27d1t04.shn
87a276f4ed617979ba505a72917804f7 *trey01-07-27d1t05.shn
358463e09607c548faba82af1d7c29d7 *trey01-07-27d1t06.shn
3271152f5afedcf7a38edf342861d46d *trey01-07-27d2t01.shn
3953502c2b656b12f4554f331bff505f *trey01-07-27d2t02.shn
66a66f011caf6d8c5eb8952b4443c34f *trey01-07-27d2t03.shn
73ac9240c37198b270b4eb0ce34809f0 *trey01-07-27d3t01.shn
779ba59dbb6fbed0a5ddacbfe1741fbe *trey01-07-27d3t02.shn
44ad04d2f5786e87d3d7ff5ce8f94b00 *trey01-07-27d3t03.shn
93b833a723bfcd4272ed0d51e70ae4f4 *trey01-07-27d3t04.shn

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