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Gov't Mule 07/06/07
Sala Joy Eslava, Madrid, Spain
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Source Summary Source: DPA 4022s ~>SD [email protected] 24/96
Location: fob 3ft right of center
Transfer: 722~>wavelab5.0a~>cdwave~>flac(6) 
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Gov't Mule
Sala Joy Eslava
Madrid, Spain

Source: DPA 4022s ~>SD [email protected] 24/96
Location: fob 3ft right of center
Transfer: 722~>wavelab5.0a~>cdwave~>flac(6)
Recorded & seeded: Tom Huster   [email protected]

16 bit version

Disc 1 - Set 1
Hammer & Nails
Thelonius Beck
Banks of the Deep End
Rocking Horse
Larger Than Life>
If 6 Was 9>
Larger Than Life
Slackjaw Jezebel
3-String George
Lay Your Burden Down>
Smokestack Lightning>
Lay Your Burden Down

Disc 2 - Set 2
Birth of the Mule
Lola Leave Your Light On>
Mother Earth
Streamline Woman
Child of The Earth

Disc 3 - Set 2 cont.
I'm A Ram

Endless Parade
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Mule 07-06-07 d1t01.flac:37b737913a6d5348c2f3710ffc55bf04
Mule 07-06-07 d1t02.flac:6c05512d4f48519a7851ae478acfba0a
Mule 07-06-07 d1t03.flac:e9f19a7ea643db2494b3e394875a4e55
Mule 07-06-07 d1t04.flac:6de5056b4a8b735f6fe4e8c3230b5dfb
Mule 07-06-07 d1t05.flac:162fb0efb1e5e5510eb44ec20190be8b
Mule 07-06-07 d1t06.flac:5d95baf00481703e4d2495f4182eb679
Mule 07-06-07 d1t07.flac:a2ae3bdff91f86fc328dcc3b836b6ca0
Mule 07-06-07 d1t08.flac:2a4c79ee2429b88e585200301e2d895f
Mule 07-06-07 d1t09.flac:3a289e6dd4b5219fa2d09b098078bab0
Mule 07-06-07 d1t10.flac:84352189d83ca5da0c1aaba15a22ab95
Mule 07-06-07 d1t11.flac:35fea4261c30e2d1916a0367461aab30
Mule 07-06-07 d1t12.flac:d5eaf3adfbf4f1f054db9df4d6935693
Mule 07-06-07 d1t13.flac:e29c3cc309a1eda38696f11e9be298b7
Mule 07-06-07 d2t01.flac:8f4b6487cdee2577c4a83c3d40692b3b
Mule 07-06-07 d2t02.flac:870e85bf3d4ccb3faca9754f8c3678a8
Mule 07-06-07 d2t03.flac:47a2cd30ac52d30b290e983155188e7f
Mule 07-06-07 d2t04.flac:821e6d7ed7e408b99ef28c4b819f8319
Mule 07-06-07 d2t05.flac:24c8d592dca3a81e124d80cec8813a4e
Mule 07-06-07 d2t06.flac:c0edec52deb431983e10f58a59ee281f
Mule 07-06-07 d2t07.flac:a9f2bfd103e70add0801077b662ddf86
Mule 07-06-07 d3t01.flac:50ed44b288afa572e9471fc2434a673e
Mule 07-06-07 d3t02.flac:59976372c571de75b224aff4542eca76
Mule 07-06-07 d3t03.flac:7eeccb913519c8481f866f301e95e96b

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