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Yonder Mountain String Band 08/03/07
Sleeping Bear, Dunegrass, Empire, MI
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Entered by mark burnell
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Source Summary Source: Schoeps mk41|cmc4 + SBD > edirol R4 (oade basic mod) Conversion: R-4 > USB > wav > Audacity (normalize/fades) > cd wave (track) > FLAC Taped/Converted/Seeded: Shawn Smith  
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Yonder Mountain String Band
The Sleeping Bear Dunegrass and Blues Festival - Main Stage
Empire, MI
August 3, 2007 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

Source: Schoeps mk41|cmc4 + SBD > edirol R4 (oade basic mod)
Conversion: R-4 > USB > wav > Audacity (normalize/fades) > cd wave (track) >  FLAC
Taped/Converted/Seeded: Shawn Smith

Set One
s1t01: Intro
s1t02: Boatman>
s1t03: Peace Of Mind> King Ebenezer Rap> Peace Of Mind
s1t04: banter
s1t05: Left Me in a Hole
s1t06: Easy As Pie
s1t07: Crow Black Chicken*
s1t08: banter
s1t09: Night Out
s1t10: banter
s1t11: Mother's Only Son>
s1t12: Looking Back Over My Shoulder
s1t13: New Horizons>
s1t14: Classic Situation
s1t15: Long Time
s1t16: Sharecropper's Son
s1t17: Dawn's Early Light
s1t18: Keep on Going>
s1t19: Holding>
s1t20: Keep on Going
s1t21: crowd

s1t22: Hit Parade Of Love

Performance Notes:
single set performance
* = w\ Keller Williams

Source       : Schoeps mk41|cmc4 > Edriol R-4 (Oade Basic Mod)
Location     : 95 ft from stage, FOB, DFC, ~7.5' high
Mic Config   : 20 cm, 110ยบ (ORTF)

Source 2     : SBD stereo out

Rec Format   : 24 bit, 48 kHz
Conversion   : Edriol R-4 > USB > PC
Editing      : Audacity .095 sec delay to SBD, fades, no gain or compression to either source
Mix Notes    : AUD source lowered 6db
Final Format : 24 bit, 48 kHz
Tracking     : CD Wave
Compression  : FLAC Frontend, FLAC Level 8
Transfer Date: 2007-08-06
Transferer   : Shawn Smith

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66ee1f9794216f813c2a49a80a5bdf6c *ymsb2007-08-03s01t01.flac
b39448541897ba5c4fcb024ca1495ed1 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t02.flac
0646c465a431a7fb8ad7f737b7d1cff8 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t03.flac
36d1e63dc98ce589e26ae464296024fb *ymsb2007-08-03s01t04.flac
b15137323dce835e325a1b9215f8adaf *ymsb2007-08-03s01t05.flac
a2eb20939a05a05280f33a9329ff34e6 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t06.flac
6665cefbf4d420c050267ac64aac7e7f *ymsb2007-08-03s01t07.flac
34e814d8fbb97f144afef3b80c07a8b1 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t08.flac
8a1cf1a54807a9d271e88ae75708d629 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t09.flac
0936bb6ec592bc05d41f635c779df5ad *ymsb2007-08-03s01t10.flac
020c3f380c7985564aab83974c7202f0 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t11.flac
4cd655fe874169fe2f75d62b60dd226b *ymsb2007-08-03s01t12.flac
446989ed813e6fa5d4048551e11d2720 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t13.flac
310e55b1a691fcddbc4a666ff3599938 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t14.flac
b480153b6baa8b0b95d043d90cf78c7e *ymsb2007-08-03s01t15.flac
04123e8bcbc576a08758fda4d065f26a *ymsb2007-08-03s01t16.flac
afcf5bf03c9d7ee0dab62e34c50e193f *ymsb2007-08-03s01t17.flac
b91bb58efe901df9936daecb7be1b34b *ymsb2007-08-03s01t18.flac
d0b72e2cfac1f2d9c08d1920830c2822 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t19.flac
814d2659ab476fe386922056627981f8 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t20.flac
a3c0f41f1a8c8efe54ec3b94436cc64f *ymsb2007-08-03s01t21.flac
8976f177dfb53745d00b322a1635ac04 *ymsb2007-08-03s01t22.flac

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