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Yonder Mountain String Band 07/21/07
Lifestyles Community Pavilion, Columbus, OH
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Entered by mark burnell
Checksums d2 , s1
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: AKG 481 > Silver Dogstar > ACM R4 Lineage: USB > SoundForge > CDWave > FLAC Taped by: RedDawg Transferred by: RedDawg  
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Yonder Mountain String Band
Date: July 21, 2007
Venue: Promowest
Location: Columbus, OH

Source: AKG 481 > Silver Dogstar > ACM R4
Lineage: USB > SoundForge > CDWave > FLAC
Taped by: RedDawg
Transferred by: RedDawg

Set 1:
Disc 1:
1) Intro
2) New Horizons>
3) East Nashville Easter>
4) New Horizons
5) 40 Miles From Denver
6) Night Out
7) Different Day
8) Part 1(Lord Only Knows)>
9) Kentucky Mandolin
10) If I Lose
11) Looking Back Over My Shoulder>
12) Death Trip

Set 2:
Disc 2:
1) Intro
2) Angel
3) Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong
4) Left Me In A Hole
5) Catch A Criminal
6) Girlfriend Is Better #
7) Snow On The Pines>
8) It's All Too Much>
9) Snow On The Pines
Disc 3:
1) Mental Breakdown
2) Keep On Going>
3) King Ebeneezer>
4) Keep On Going
5) Crowd
6) Sidewalk Stars
7) Another Day

# Xavier Rudd on slide guitar
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Set 2-sf01-eg.flac:72686b7486286f411e9bc8c27cea7bb2
Set 2-sf02-eg.flac:7fa848a4e234ba088de23fa12b3ddab1
Set 2-sf03-eg.flac:13d2a519338075ac31d345f6a08423c3
Set 2-sf04-eg.flac:9d0558373988a53de4aeabfb99fcc88f
Set 2-sf05-eg.flac:86aafb5abb21aa50955d528a3e32d105
Set 2-sf06-eg.flac:fdeebd902ffd8a66ad9a9047565d5823
Set 2-sf07-eg.flac:9e113f5611e55aeabc1d4f9e3d39a3c7
Set 2-sf08-eg.flac:96db4f2034a969f0bb86f90ccef75f7b
Set 2-sf09-eg.flac:83e31d0eec76c0121c62eb02589cba59
Set 2-sf10-eg.flac:57235b7aae1e8b8c54ab823f702d1b5c
Set 2-sf11-eg.flac:93a33a75a6a1458df4e31a1d9d2ceb81
Set 2-sf12-eg.flac:c299fce25d37d93f656010ace91ae10b
Set 2-sf13-eg.flac:9ecf4d153c05212a6d0a71d7bf0c35c9
Set 2-sf14-eq.flac:5294e28d0e255bafd2f3e938938d643c
Set 2-sf15-eq.flac:59db8186c03c84dfb0cbf1fd6024d046
Set 2-sf16-eg.flac:14181252b64930b0c8bffd80219eccd4
Set 1-sf01-eg.flac:da7f569737576ac85f3f9f297c90479c
Set 1-sf02-eg.flac:f23245e8f7d54c26470701c686d1fa4a
Set 1-sf03-eg.flac:4d37a2d9682eba0972b57f3ff15d123e
Set 1-sf04-eg.flac:88f0fba792d0dec764b9cbe5bfa7fbcf
Set 1-sf05-eg.flac:eb0226055406fe2cbd637fe2163f0c84
Set 1-sf06-eg.flac:815dd08c08d689f922ce2b40e2fc4967
Set 1-sf07-eg.flac:e8d662443b890ce7c5a1c8ba7e07b5f4
Set 1-sf08-eg.flac:e9a97f45fb5dc716697fe31603020ea9
Set 1-sf09-eg.flac:db8d1f6bca9dbc81d629fa6a3cd99af1
Set 1-sf10-eg.flac:d6071a204fc5eb28dc2cd751912dc7d0
Set 1-sf11-eg.flac:dec8ad07fb7465fb01974e9bf8c61595
Set 1-sf12-eg.flac:ac46aec458d2048b2e3996282f779daa

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