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Grateful Dead 08/01/73
Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ
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Source # 8724 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AudMR > R > DAT > WAV > SHN; via ADT; Seeded to etree by Noah Weiner 
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Audience Devotional Tree
Round 8 - March, 2002

Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ
Audience Recording

AudMR > R > DAT > WAV > SHN

Uher mic > Uher 4000 Report L 5" reels > MacIntosh pre-amp >
TEAC 1230 7" reel.

Recording by Jeffrey Siniawsky, Neil Merin, and Joel Smith
from down front near the stage on Jerry's side; mic held high.

A > D transfer by Noah Weiner ([email protected]) - February, 2002

set one:
01 crowd                                 0:35
02 Promised Land                         3:50
03 Sugaree                               7:30
04 The Race Is On*                       2:54
05 You Ain't Woman Enough                3:03
06 Bird Song*                           10:51
07 Mexicali Blues                        3:20
08 They Love Each Other                  5:19
09 Jack Straw                            4:37
10 Stella Blue                           7:28
11 Big River                             4:43
12 Casey Jones*                          6:28
set two-a:
13 //Around And Around*                  5:03
14 Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo 8:33
15 Me And My Uncle                       3:01

*The Race Is On - mic cable drop out cross faded at 0:37
*Bird Song - mic cable drop out cross faded at 1:28
*Casey Jones - mic cable drop out cross faded at 2:31
*Around And Around - mic cable drop out cross faded at 3:08

total time: 77:15

set two-b:
01 Row Jimmy                             8:40
02 Dark Star* >                         24:37
03 El Paso >                             4:20
04 Eyes Of The World >                  20:29
05 Morning Dew                          13:09

*Dark Star - first 1:06 supplied by alternate AUD/? and cross
faded at that point into the start of the main source recording.
This alternate source was on the 7" reel that Jeff Siniawsky
supplied for the transfer.  He used it to fill the portion of
the start of Dark Star missing from his 5" reel master when he
created the 7" reel we have here.

total time: 71:15

set two-end:
01 Sugar Magnolia                        9:03
02 //Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >   8:20
03 One More Saturay Night*               4:43

*One More Saturday Night - mic cable drop out cross faded at 0:27

total time: 22:06
Show Checksums
b4f8ae08146456516ae61a4c57e631a7 *gd73-08-01d1t07.shn
bbc58dfce84652be8d7af2e9afb9cf6e *gd73-08-01d1t02.shn
694a0120866fab6f16c4bf6bea6be2f7 *gd73-08-01d1t03.shn
60625e91230ab8ebe99e868784cdbc8c *gd73-08-01d1t04.shn
ca56168f07c036bfef85ee8e904fd671 *gd73-08-01d1t05.shn
d0d24562bb9b112c1721ff2d459c6974 *gd73-08-01d1t06.shn
63ec3968e2433b37051bc8e46e8a69f1 *gd73-08-01d1t01.shn
a9b0887ce4194a5be3bf96d200a2c5ab *gd73-08-01d1t08.shn
915a114be7bfcd957f126bde1a0c4d98 *gd73-08-01d1t09.shn
cad2969b8168c56f0166767dafa88d3b *gd73-08-01d1t10.shn
f80c041ed1ed5635a52e521c0d0eff9d *gd73-08-01d1t11.shn
54df13c64107854cf441bb0ee6d9588b *gd73-08-01d1t12.shn
d9c408f30b42a144404070fb2bfc8336 *gd73-08-01d1t13.shn
e148b659a37328d63b3b1ec5a8db0b4e *gd73-08-01d1t14.shn
86dbc3b571640164a60f2515dfa7e74f *gd73-08-01d1t15.shn
3fd4879e28de6ce6a92baa0cb9606d0d *gd73-08-01d2t01.shn
3ce5c5265f7cecace1f2415dbfeb18b9 *gd73-08-01d2t02.shn
7cc464af42012599bb565f1a6ef31520 *gd73-08-01d2t03.shn
0d80232ce48c297d2041781d0db088f3 *gd73-08-01d2t04.shn
cfdf45309786ed3a039a20c17e44a0f9 *gd73-08-01d2t05.shn
70580d36f4597cf91d9516346d0c6d6e *gd73-08-01d3t01.shn
e3c97d17ab8a2a8590447e88ab8be3f7 *gd73-08-01d3t02.shn
45ae02a192e7cbd33e133d20ff7597e4 *gd73-08-01d3t03.shn
96da1c9d4c75f52cf9768d8ec4c2991f [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t01.shn
4feb855ab907eceb391d220a44dcec42 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t02.shn
d1bd42c7f13e04ff3da780822903175c [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t03.shn
0128eaddb129856ca29a8d7620df4646 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t04.shn
6d8e609c88695483a8f30f176ff2039c [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t05.shn
fe3d5bcbb56007ca754b492d10a79c3f [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t06.shn
355f1783482ffd7226f06b1ebb49d561 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t07.shn
fdc94d087b5dad9295947063c64d7cf7 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t08.shn
94fd508ff6e7d670e5fadff86b25c946 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t09.shn
b282c013c65ae808661667fa0e764666 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t10.shn
9b13f1a3b63a59127e7e3b1c53540e20 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t11.shn
d792ae43d83b74005d70b4754614da28 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t12.shn
94f454a95979421179d0624d002eafc1 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t13.shn
9ad72612634ea11d63366f7d2b63bda4 [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t14.shn
9cbe6e09e619537b378c444459d80ced [shntool] gd73-08-01d1t15.shn
5b57d467c44456a94309c20e7d3f93c9 [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t01.shn
ab095b703f3b279a99fdf44b662ab14b [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t02.shn
b2aff4f8b481e76857a3008ee48e626d [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t03.shn
45070e10333e0cdea79210cfecc24677 [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t04.shn
a7518750dd5aba0a57a9c44feca5d2ff [shntool] gd73-08-01d2t05.shn
4f4826f206af7b056be3d3dc578bf03c [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t01.shn
833e2ebdc9c14e7751b0fb90bce5a9c9 [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t02.shn
42cb37883704d2d781dde4704fe0dfc6 [shntool] gd73-08-01d3t03.shn

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