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Phish 04/02/93
Mt. Baker Theater, Belligham, WA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums all_ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell UM70-S (cardioid @90deg) > Teac DA-P20; Taped and transferred by Mike Albright 
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Mt. Baker Theater
Belligham, WA

Source: Microtech-Gefell UM70-S cardioids @90 degrees->Teac P20 DAT
Location: Front row balcony / 3' left of center / 5' up
Taped/Transferred by Mike Albright
Released to the masses with full digital transfer: September 2007

Set List:
Set #1
d1t01: Buried Alive
d1t02: Poor Heart
d1t03: Foam
d1t04: Bouncing Around the Room,
d1t05: The Divided Sky
d1t06: I Didn't Know
d1t07: It's Ice
d1t08: Sparkle
d1t09: Maze
d1t10: Golgi Apparatus

Set #2
d1t11: Runaway Jim
d1t12: Sample in a Jar
d1t13: Uncle Pen
d1t14: Llama
d1t15: The Horse->
d1t16: Silent in the Morning
d1t17: Mike's Song-> I Am Hydrogen->
d1t18: Weekapaug Groove
d2t01: Lizards->
d2t02: Big Ball Jam
d2t03: Hold Your Head Up
d2t04: Bike->
d2t05: Hold Your Head Up
d2t06: Chalk Dust Torture

d2t07: Amazing Grace
d2t08: Rocky Top
Show Checksums
ph1993-04-02d01t12.flac: cea0b15c12e0a205f4aaa0c3dfcf75a2
ph1993-04-02d02t07.flac: 2660674ceb437db0074f79e07d67b8aa
ph1993-04-02d01t01.flac: 4fbd8ffba8f1b87d1d032d26750c2375
ph1993-04-02d02t02.flac: 7d2bd922847ac22a7b7ced0c4fa29e4d
ph1993-04-02d02t06.flac: fee32e86bdd90c16235f1a97462a53c1
ph1993-04-02d02t03.flac: 1bc453b95eb6afd4df429cb2227bb94b
ph1993-04-02d02t08.flac: 1baf8a3b2daa7b039acdc3b6471b7ef6
ph1993-04-02d01t08.flac: e9577e9ac96e8ce19d17932faadad9a8
ph1993-04-02d01t14.flac: 5d1ac52dc412157ded5f13730884540b
ph1993-04-02d01t03.flac: 527a428738f09a2f2962126ce7529a86
ph1993-04-02d01t04.flac: f3b5c66701bf833155496cd89667f99c
ph1993-04-02d02t01.flac: 9ad37c17aa0abdc201ad96bf3dbe422b
ph1993-04-02d01t07.flac: 5c7fdcf9717da5c368f439aeaffeea4e
ph1993-04-02d01t05.flac: 3554f3f7acdd777137f8bc1efe934510
ph1993-04-02d01t18.flac: 9bd4d480d3a1fc47c05dfda781017d46
ph1993-04-02d01t16.flac: ae5b18cb493650b82e25a3abc783d944
ph1993-04-02d01t10.flac: 26268278891c0be68ceac73f139eab57
ph1993-04-02d01t13.flac: e99a090317fefc6db143ef9d7a0838ca
ph1993-04-02d01t11.flac: 959ed1211707a94d77da75e5d1457e81
ph1993-04-02d02t05.flac: 418dd57af99c1db3b3a4fcd033014acb
ph1993-04-02d01t09.flac: 1402ab0c4df19e59cb2be0cb8c78d407
ph1993-04-02d01t06.flac: e510bdc017e21645973ebf67ede5e43b
ph1993-04-02d02t04.flac: 871e95225385a217cd91033adae63897
ph1993-04-02d01t15.flac: 42a45db229ce3c25e022c6d285eb0dd5
ph1993-04-02d01t17.flac: 9d91d775055f37d3ab345c8fccae25c5
ph1993-04-02d01t02.flac: 3b29328d3d32d94fa36970cce3aa6b26

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