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North Mississippi Allstars 06/07/07
Wakarusa -- Revival Stage, Lawrence, KS
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: neumann km140 > edirol R4 (oade basic mod) > USB > wav > Audacity > cd wave > FLAC 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Wakarusa Festival Revival Stage (8:00pm-10:00pm) - Lawrence, KS
June 7, 2007

Source: neumann km140 > edirol R4 (oade basic mod)
Conversion: R-4 > USB > wav > Audacity (normalize/fades) > cd wave (track) > Flac frontend > FLAC
Taped/Converted/Seeded: Shawn Smith

Set One
s01t01: Beatle Bob Intro
s01t02: Stompin My Foot
s01t03: Hit It And Quit It
s01t04: Goin Down South
s01t05: I Just Wanna See His Face > Never In All My Days
s01t06: Bang Bang Lulu
s01t07: Drowing On Dry Land
s01t08: The Meeting
s01t09: Happy Song >
s01t10: Soldier
s01t11: My Mind Is Ramblin >
s01t12: Mark On The Bus >
s01t13: Hey Bo Diddley > Who Do You Love?
s01t14: Hillbilly Holla
s01t15: Slow Train Comin'
s01t16: banter
s01t17: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
s01t18: Mississippi Bollweevil
s01t19: Horseshoe*
s01t20: Ain't Got No**
s01t21: Hear My Train A Comin'
s01t22: Snake Drive > Mississippi Party > Snake Drive
s01t23: crowd

s01t24: Goin Home Pt I and II >
s01t25: All Night Long >
s01t26: Lovelight > All Night Long

Performance Notes:
* = w\ Saints Go Marching In tease
** = w\ very short dropout in the first few seconds.

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums, guitar, vocals
Chris Chew: bass, vocals
Kurt Clayton: keys
Show Checksums
69a239b2f7fdc33c9310536e1e80f801 *nmas2007-06-07d01t01.flac
23270a65063ca7c7ac5d0e789dd8ca6a *nmas2007-06-07d01t02.flac
e4aec463ec654ab24b2d40d121d701c8 *nmas2007-06-07d01t03.flac
980bb2e47be795261cdf83827cae6b2d *nmas2007-06-07d01t04.flac
c7b96a5c4f1436ceaec702e1fd76e8e3 *nmas2007-06-07d01t05.flac
fedfbbd87688e11a62dd2b2af10e35f7 *nmas2007-06-07d01t06.flac
cdf1ebea017d06e04f79ba7aff34c4ea *nmas2007-06-07d01t07.flac
81fc295367ea98aba158f4d2ef3aa15f *nmas2007-06-07d01t08.flac
961e702dc5fc9ac6b52496436868cd4a *nmas2007-06-07d01t09.flac
9117bd450b93278dfa9c222697049187 *nmas2007-06-07d01t10.flac
12f7ea98db0805369f3359382c348b7a *nmas2007-06-07d01t11.flac
66bc2be1e4ef41ecc74065e1869f57ef *nmas2007-06-07d01t12.flac
6c1e6b5fd2b3433b979915f4391863fa *nmas2007-06-07d01t13.flac
92e541f9482213f8b8b6c6182234c4e3 *nmas2007-06-07d01t14.flac
fb316db55b4d84cfc1ac0a2436387f18 *nmas2007-06-07d01t15.flac
b230ec4d34256ef63125d793b30d9875 *nmas2007-06-07d01t16.flac
5caa830f79bbee8f45004b1382f91b51 *nmas2007-06-07d01t17.flac
ab8f36789487ba2499828245edfd2abb *nmas2007-06-07d01t18.flac
ceb018acc1642e53c9ad4884a3d6bdb2 *nmas2007-06-07d01t19.flac
96b7870b00dc44afff5580e6170a7402 *nmas2007-06-07d01t20.flac
eb91eaf495de9c697e8d280db1aeacca *nmas2007-06-07d01t21.flac
79de05cafeabf8c6e4541f47953d65f3 *nmas2007-06-07d01t22.flac
13d5dc9aea7e20e8fddcb605ba99fb85 *nmas2007-06-07d01t23.flac
8a5fd8993d9de7a17b0b2a12201ca43b *nmas2007-06-07d01t24.flac
c79f50b6479561b89f260523056fb39d *nmas2007-06-07d01t25.flac
1ced46bc240c885b0d0df826c72e8025 *nmas2007-06-07d01t26.flac

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